Sunday, 2 February 2014

Inner Core By Sigal Ehrlich

I love improvement. I think it's great when a book two shows signs that an author either listened to the readers or has grown a little more confident in their writing. While some issues that I had with the previous book lingered and new peeves arise, I got answers and even changed my mind about a character.

I still don't feel as connected with Daniel as I do Hayley, but I do love them as a couple. Inspite of the unrealistic events, I love Hayley's uncertainty. It however, made the ending, seem rushed to me. Her level of uncertainty could no be cured so fast. Regardless of the circumstances. That's why I was pleased to here the time lapse in the epilogue. It might annoy some, but I believe her reluctance is the average human female behavior and reaction to the series of events in her relationship. Believe me, I know!

We finally got Daniel's back story with regards to his father, but that still doesn't help me with fully understanding his character. Instead of closing the novels, I think his POV was crucial to this story. He should have been given a few chapters. Especially his time in Thailand.

The irony of this novel being called unnecessarily long, by yours truly, is that I also feel that more was needed. The important things were fleeting, while we spent so much time listening to Ian talk crap. We got every irrelevant conversation, even if it's to discuss fats and carbs. o.O

There were so many major issues and situations, that were thrust into this novel, that could have brought it up a notch in climax and content. Unfortunately, those were the ones that were barely discussed.

Once again, their arguments made me snicker and laugh. Meeting Brad seems redundant at this point and I can't understand some extra baggage, that were thrown into the mix of everything. It's like she was trying to find content, while she had so much unused ones in the end.

Hayley and Daniel is not your conventional romance novel couple. I once again praise Sigal for the to the point sex scenes. The theme for this series to me is realism. It tries to keep events, conversation and the overall vibe of the book as real as possible. I can definitely see the more reserved and commitment phobe women relating to this.

I did bored, to the point of falling asleep a few times. The story lagged frequently, but I always found tidbits to keep me moving. I now want to learn more about Tasha, as she is an interesting character. This, I wasn't aware of, until the end of this installment. Maybe it's my need for substantial content that had me paying closer attention to her friends. o.O

I'd have loved some more interaction between her family members, especially Steven and her dad. A visit from Isis, under normal circumstances, would have been great also. To share in the overall end products of their relationship would have also added to my liking this book a little bit more. Instead, we got  a monotonous drag then a fast paced, running to catch up ending.

At 85% I'm wondering what book three will hold, then I realize that this is it for the series. I don't know what else could be added at this point, unless we are going to breaking off in novellas for Tasha and Ian. Every possibility was literally covered in the last 5% of the book. It might sound like a lot, but after reading for so long, you ask yourself what happened to the other 95% of the book? Why couldn't we have shared these happenings then?

It's safe to say this story is closed, but the journey there just doesn't allow you to feel it. We got some clarity from book 1, but it still leaves much to be desired and a few lingering queries. Not an overall boring book, but a tad confusing and jumbled. It gives the vibe of being condensed so it could fit as a two part series.

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