Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Being Kalli By Rebecca Berto

It's very rare that I read books that I don't like because if I read the blurb and it doesn't interest me then I move along. I don't go out of my way to give bad reviews and bash authors because I can't imagine ever writing a full length novel so I won't hate on someone who tries. With that being said though, I still didn't like this novel and I am kicking myself and my OCD tendencies because it took me one full week to read a book that is 257 pages. I have read 500 page novels in a day.

I couldn't connect to the story, characters or their issues. I have even struggled with a few of these issues myself but I felt nothing! I got the gist and the aim but I was unable to relate and unwilling to make an attempt. Their issues didn't move or inspire and I blame that on the delivery. I felt nothing for any one and that made it hard to develop connections with the characters or their stories.

Nate is a sweetheart but that does nothing for me. I find that I preferred him when he's hurt and hurting Kalli, as oppose to his insecure, sensitive and shy side. I have never read about old friends becoming lovers but I hope they aren't all like this.

There is an influx of different issues but only a few make sense. Every single character has a heavy issue to resolve but none resonated with me; They were too fleeting for their importance and I spent most of the time trying to remember what I read 6 pages before. After fighting my way through this story, I came out with nothing but fatigue from staying up to complete it before Wednesday and I could really use some sleep now.

Kalli is talkative but it eludes you because you are bored and I would never want to spend that much time in her head. We hardly have the courtesy of being apart of important conversations about the past and the different elements to her personality weren't cohesive. I felt like there were gaps, when in fact, it was the presentation.

We have a public sex fiend who only has "sex" in public twice and they were more appetizers than main course, not to say that the main course was better.

This story had an overwhelming amount of controversial issues that could have made for a really good story but the delivery was weak and didn't help me to understand or empathize. I was over it from I made it to 5% and if not for willpower and 3 hours in the early morning, I'd have my first DNF.

I have never read a book from this author before and I am now skeptic about reading another. I was bored, uninterested and had to claw my way to the end. The fact that the end was abrupt, unrealistic and unimaginative didn't help either. I just didn't like or understand this story at all.


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