Saturday, 19 July 2014

Hardline By Meredith Wild

I remained interested in this installment even though it was not the fight I expected. Erica has terrible luck, judgement and taste in men. If I were her I'd live in a cave. Trouble seems to lay in wait for this girl and don't get me started on her relationship that moved from comfortable to jam packed with ultimatums because Blake decided he's a "Dominant".

There was a lot more sex than usual to the point where the first 9% of this novel is 2 conversations and bondage play. While they toned down their "BDSM" sex, it boiled over into their personal life and quite frankly, Erica has lost the one quality she had that I adored and that's her independence.

Personally, I hate relationships based on ultimatums because I feel like they are stunted and will forever be filled with them. If you can't be with me because you can't rule my life, then go! This made me see Blake in a new light and asked a question that it took me three novels deep to ask; How old is Blake? Maybe I missed it somewhere in the series but at times I see a good looking nerd in his 20s and then other times I see him as a ruthless businessman in his early 30s.

As much as my perception changed, I loved that he stood his ground and though his jealously got ridiculous occasionally, I liked when he took control and made his feelings clear. The proper introduction of his family did little to add to the man that is Blake but I feel like because we go so slow to resolve every issue that arise, we don't need added elements or characters to define them.

Some people might be annoyed because this is a slow moving story but I am actually getting into the pace and don't mind going through each challenge with Blake and Erica. I have grown to love them as a couple and realize that their story is complicated and needs the appropriate amount of time to break down all the elements, without it becoming rushed, but I really wish it would stop ending like a soap opera!

We only got a glimpse of Daniel but he has already done a complete 360 in my eyes and I am beginning to accept the dark, political element that he adds; while the businessmen in this novel are a force in and out of the boardroom. It's interesting to see their conduct as they navigate the world of business.

James took a back seat and yes, I was naturally outraged because I really love James, but it's Erica and Blake's story so I digress.

It's safe to say with each installment I get more interested in the story line and invested in the characters. I am starting to relate and love the pace and situations as they unfold. I am actually eagerly awaiting the next installment and it's more to do with Blake being in control and Erica allowing him to have that control. I am once again hoping for a battle of wills so i'll keep my fingers crossed on this one.

At the end of this novel, the author graces you with a Q&A for book clubs or buddy reads I assume. While I am all for Q&A and love that she took the initiative, they are more like a Literature class assignment than they are discussion starters. Still, I love the thought and the fact that she branches out with each installment to give us a little bit more every time.

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