Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Otherwise Unharmed By Shay Savage

I am having a dilemma here, because while I am mad at myself that I had this novel from December and didn't read it until now, I am also glad that I didn't because I would have been missing Evan more than I am now. I don't know how the world of book boyfriends/mafia hitmen are going to survive without Mr. Arden.

I've loved Evan Arden since the first time I met him in the Arizona desert on his porch with Odin. Eventually, I got to like the whole series, even 'Uncockblockable', that wasn't told from his POV. He is one of those characters that remain true to themselves and reel you in with their personality, wit and charm if he ever displays it. He is rough, not just around the edges, but he's also fiercely loyal and his paranoia is what helped to drive the action and suspense of this story.

This series is taken from Evan's POV, so we spend most of the time in his crazy brain and Lia didn't show herself again until the end of 'Otherwise Occupied', so it's safe to say that this novel was the most time we ever spent with her character, including the time in the desert, and even though her appearances were few, I can truly say I like them as a couple. To some, it might look like insta-love but there's more to them than that and I believe they have the perfect balance. I can honestly see her centering him when he starts to go crazy.

She is the complete opposite of every thing in this world but I like that. It's different and a much more realistic approach as oppose to the usual of love pushing them to the dark side. She hated it there and that was fine.

This novel was more action than romance and even the romance at times felt like low key action. Still, I believe it because Evan is intense and crazy so it tied in perfectly with the PTSD riddled hitman who is fresh from spraying his neighbourhood park with bullets.

We got some more on his time spent in the marines and as a POW but the present action was just as intense and nail biting. I was hanging on to every word, especially in the end and I could actually feel myself getting warm from being nervous of the outcome.

There is a death in this novel that might rock a few. He will be missed and Freyja won't ever take his place. There is something about him that even though he couldn't speak, he added a necessary element that bonded both Lia and Evan.

I got to see a different side to Rinaldo, as well as, his relationship with Evan. I like the respect Evan had for him and how no matter his problems and beefs, he never once forgot his military training. We also got some more on him before, during and after his tenure in the Marine's.

Yes, the sex isn't sweet. It's rough, raw and raunchy. He doesn't mince his words and Lia seems to love that line between punishing and loving. I have to admit though, Evan makes you want to thread the line :)

There are so many points, that I would love to highlight, as I have no problem ripping this book page by page to discuss every single move. It's rough, action filled and kept a balance through all the different emotions and situations. I could watch this man hunt and catch his prey all day without ever getting bored. I will miss this story something fierce but I am glad I got to experience Evan Arden and I am really hoping for a future novella update. *hint**hint* ;)

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