Friday, 18 July 2014

Hardpressed By Meredith Wild

I'll admit that my interest was piqued, especially to the end, as I love a good competition and I see where the end of this novel lines us up for a potential battle of wills, despite the once again abrupt and untimely ending. She really needs to find a better way to transition through her novels.

I was a little more interested in this story line than before as the characters found themselves and their places within the business and the story. There was more background and a clearer path and priorities sheet. Though the cliches were still present, with the addition of a few more, an effort was made to resolve some leaving us with less story lines. The sex is also becoming more BDSM and I wouldn't be surprised if by the end of this series they have a playroom. I have also found another character to love and that's James.

We were introduced to James in the last novel but now we have a background and present day situations that make him the best character to coax  Erica out of her shell and make her seem more vulnerable.  Yes, she was hung up on Blake, but we saw human nature at play with her interaction and reactions to James.

I have always loved Erica's fortitude when it came to her business but I think she now needs to adapt some of it into her personal life. She spent most of the novel wallowing or conceding and it was good to see her step up to the plate in the end.

I don't think I took stock of their relationship before but there is something there waiting to be ignited. I saw a spark and I like it; They are comfortable with each other, which in turn makes you comfortable with them as a couple.

I even found myself warming to Heath, while Alli became a new character to me. It was good to get some background on Daniel, as well as, Mark and I actually had looked forward to finding out about that relationship.

We are introduced to some new characters and resolved or tempered some issues of the past and present, but this story has still not given me a memorable moment. Yes, there is the death but that hardly counts because of it's delivery and the person.

Grammatical and editing errors are few if any and I truly believe that this story flows but it still remains a little timid in it's delivery. I don't know if it's waiting on the final novel but this story needs a shake to make us stop and look. It's too comfortable right now and I just wanna add some spice and shake!

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