Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Hardwired By Meredith Wild

I'm a borderline techie. I have my moments when I am completely invested in everything tech but I tend to have an eclectic taste that sees me trying different things occasionally. With that being said, I didn't mind the angle this novel took but beware that it can get heavy on the tech and if you have no interest whatsoever, you will get lost and bored.

The story line itself seems stagnant because it's constructed with such a heavy plot of ideas; I missed the climax, if there was one and the foundation and path is still developing at the end.

If you take every possible theme from a Contemporary romance novel, you would get the story line to this one. All it's missing is the paranormal element. If there is a cliche situation or character, this novel has it. From the dominant billionaire to the hiding in plain sight rapist and even the tatted up outcasts were present. If it's a contemporary story line, it's there.

While this could have worked, with a more believable cast and background, it just didn't. There was no cohesiveness to all the situations or the characters. There is sex, love, drugs, rape and that's just a few of the major issues that one character is trying to sort. They are highlighted for such a short moment, then do a full 360, that leaves us feeling like these issues are inconsequential. In the wake of all these issues, to the end, all but one is unresolved and to be honest, it's not resolved, it's just that she kinda has no choice.

There is only one character that I understand and don't mind interacting with and it's Sid, even though I doubt he has said a whole chapter worth of things yet. I got confused frequently with who she calls for which crisis and this is a testament as to how much personality her friends possess. Honestly, she could do better in that department.

Erica doesn't interest me as a character but she narrates the whole story so what you gonna do?! She's lost and doesn't know herself so it's hard for me to know her. I did however, like her stubbornness and the fact that she didn't easily fall into his bed like a twit. She had her faculties ... some of the time at least.

Blake is a character that's so mysterious that you need his POV to know what's going on. He doesn't let up! It's not a he falls in love so he spills his guts; The man is a vault and it stays that way until the very abrupt and inconclusive end.

The sex in this novel is basic but thankfully it isn't long. They do the necessary and get on to the next issue as they seem unable to run out of cliches to borrow. There is nothing interesting enough to hold and keep your attention but each element gets you interested to a point.

I would read the next installment because I want to know the answers or solutions for a few questions but it's not a necessity to dive right in.  The emotions in this book are fleeting, so I as a reader didn't know how to feel. Therefore, I didn't connect or get invested in these characters like I would have wanted. At this point, I am still trying to find some of the major defining moments.

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