Sunday, 6 July 2014

Pulse - Part Four By Deborah Bladon

I continue to have a love/hate relationship with Deborah Bladon's novels. I felt like we were on a continuous loop to no where and while I like the transition at the end it still left me feeling incomplete because nothing has really been solved. We are sorting through the blow back of Drew and Nathan's bet and for the first time, Nathan doesn't have a plausible excuse. He's just plain wrong.

If you are promised and ending, it would be nice to actually get an ending. This is a cliffhanger and nothing about it is conclusive but I was left interested in the continuation and the preview of her upcoming novel.

A few lame and unimaginative plot twist were revealed which left Rebecca looking like a bigger douche and the unnecessary pawn that is Bryce finally finding his place in all this crazy. I still don't know his purpose o.O

I don't trust any of the characters, except for maybe Bryce and I believe all of them need a personality overhaul. Every one has their issues but the connections are so blatantly obvious and basic that it says a lot about Cassie because she's the only one unable to make said connections. Maybe it's the kids, they do take up a chunk of time.

I still don't know much about Jessica and Nathan but maybe with the next novel we might get some insight. I did learn a few things though and at this stage, while I shouldn't be, I was shocked by some admissions and aspirations but overall this story was slow and plain. We accomplished nothing of relevance.

Jessica's reluctance was a nice change and even her desire to sate her sexual needs could be excused because why mess with it if it isn't broken? Good sex is hard to find!

Nathan and Drew's complete 360 is what puzzles me though, especially Drew's. When did it happen and why? Nathan is still a tool occasionally but at least you saw him adjusting to make space for Jess. Last time I saw Drew, he was being the menace he is and then couple chapters later he's quoting Revelation? Maybe it's just me but I don't like to move through stories blind and I felt like I wore tinted shades for most of this installment.

The sex was talkative but I find that I didn't mind because they had some of their best conversations then and it wasn't overpowering nor did it distract from the sex itself. It remains basic sex but it seems to be the only time they can truly work out their mess.

In the end, we didn't accomplish much from this installment. It held good banter between Jessica and Nathan; showed a changed Drew and gave us answers to a lot of our lingering questions but we were still left with even more questions and no solid conclusions. I will always read Deborah Bladon's novels but I won't ever be able to fully understand them because they are never resolved. It's an endless loop, almost like your going to be living the day to day lives of the characters without an end in sight.

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