Thursday, 10 July 2014

The Laws of Kings By Jennifer Loren

With every novel there are good and bad moments and this one is no different. The problem with this one is that not all the moments are in sync with the story line or the reader. If I hadn't ever read a book by Jennifer Loren then I would probably not be so inclined to read a next but I know she normally has rocky starts but eventually finds her footing.

There are extremely corny moments of action, confrontation and love. My eyes got a work out occasionally from all the MacGyver moments that had me rolling them uncontrollable. They even got his kits -_-

There is a constant and delicate balance between too much information and not enough conviction. There are tons of unnecessary conversations and as to when they fell in love? I don't know.

Dace's team seem to be the original 'A team' as they channel everything action packed and corny from 80's action-adventure sitcoms. This story had two parts and I liked both. Dace the mercenary was just as entertaining and corny as Dace the mob prince but I mostly like Dace when he's just kicking back with Austin.

There is something about the characters of this novel that I adore, especially when they aren't trying to kill each other. Everyone has their signature traits that differentiate and assist the story line. Michael holds little to no interest for me but Sage makes me take a second look at this complicated but heartbroken man; Ettore is elusive but interesting; Antony is hilarious and just the right guy to have around for everything while Dace is the perfect leader who never wants and also never actually leads.

There are many elements to this story but unfortunately not all of them gel. While there are good and bad moments the story line isn't cohesive at times and their are a few discrepancies with the flow but I still enjoyed the overall body of work even when I knew what to expect next.

Austin and Aaron are unexpected additions but I think they bring their own contribution to this plot. One thing I am looking forward to is Leandra and Austin together as Dace recovers. While I don't know if that will be happening, I think it would make for good entertainment.

There is a lot of violence and killing in this novel to the point where it borders on corny but I love that Dace doesn't second guess his decisions and though it's too late, I could see the Colletto boys as an unstoppable force, if they could just stop trying to kill each other for a minute.

I leave this story not knowing who to trust and not knowing who will be alive by the end of the next but I am also excited for the potentials that lay ahead.

There is a certain edge and roughness to this novel that doesn't lend to the softer side of romance so you might not be able to understand or know when love came into play but I like them so much as a couple that I don't even care. It's hot when a woman can take care of herself and there is no weak women in this novel.

It's a rocky start to a series but I have faith in this story and it's ability to get it all together for the next installment, so as to give us an action packed, drama filled, intellectually executed plan that will lead to an even better book 2.


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