Monday, 7 July 2014

Uncontrollable By Shantel Tessier

I feel like I should be bent over at the knee panting with how long and action packed this novel was. At this rate, Sam should be dead and I really think she needs some prayer and a cleanse. Too many bad things happened in succession and if not for that little note at the beginning of this novel i'd expect her to be dead at the end.

Normally, I feel like a series can conclude at book 2 because most book 3 is an extended version of things we either read  already or not that interested in. This was conflicting for me, because while I shared the same sentiments, I also believe that this novel was necessary to clear the air. Unfortunately, it also left us with more questions and I think they might have to watch their backs for the rest of their lives because a few things still aren't clear to me.

Samantha grows with each novel and this time I find that she was fiery and in control. She's always been strong but she needed some vulnerable moments, especially with the fact that she was almost omnipresent. I needed her to relay certain emotions but she was just being Sam.

Slade got lost a little in the many events of this novel and I blame that on the fact that this novel tried to focus on literally every one. It made it harder for both main characters to shine and Slade didn't mind taking the back seat to Sam's.

I missed Sam playing Barbie with herself, as Sam is known for being the ultimate girly girl. She lost that this go but there was enough going on to keep us preoccupied because that didn't even stand out to me until I was finish reading and analyzing in my mind.

The introduction of Parker is fantastic and I love his filthy mouth and blunt reasoning. He is easy to relax with and I love how he was flawlessly worked into the story, to the point where he at times made every one take a seat to his shine. The only other character in this novel that can stand in that light is Tate.

Even though we know a little more about him now, including his real name, I am still conflicted. He is a tool just as much as Missy is an idiot and honestly, I don't think they currently make a good pair. She is one step away from suicide and he is so bad that it hurts! I don't know what I expected but this wasn't it where they are concerned.

As usual, Josh and Courtney took a back seat to the major story line as they just existed and if not for the wedding and bachelor party I would completely forget that Holly and Micah were apart of the story. There was a lot more sex talk but I like that we kept it light. There's a trait I admire from this series, where Shantel has no problem cutting to a new day in the next chapter, even if the chapter before left us at the beginning of a sex scene. You'd have to read it to get it.

It might sound weird but I see this novel as a cross between 'The Expendables' and 'The Notebook'. It had more good moments blending both aspects, than it had cheesy and unnecessary ones and yes, there was some cheesy, unnecessary moments, especially to the end.

A lot of major issues were highlighted and cleared but these books take so long between releases that I had to scramble to remember some scenes. I liked the flashbacks and break aways because they filled in the blanks and not once did I ever feel the weight of the pages of this novel and I think that's a good trait when you have a hefty read ahead.

It's long, it might get boring and all that's left is for people to jump off roofs but it closes the Slade/Samantha chapter and tees us up for Missy/Tate and Parker/Stripper? I don't know. All I know is that I enjoyed it for the most part and I can't wait to see how Shantel digs both Tate and Missy out the molds I've made for them.

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