Friday, 4 July 2014

BEWARE By Shanora Williams

Am I pleased with the ending? Not in the slightest but I am also not that interested either. It's a case of if there will be a part two, I will read it; if not, then I 'll be over it by tomorrow this time.

This novel reminded me a lot of 'Raw' by Belle Aurora, especially the ending. I feel that if you read my review of that novel ( or even the novel itself, you will get a general idea of my thoughts and what  to expect. Naturally though, there will be a few adjustments but the characters emulate each other in their personalities and occasionally their conversations. The more I think on it, it's the more similarities I find. If you have read one, then you've probably read a close copy of the other.

We did get the backgrounds and even the events leading up to the big "reveal" but I was not impressed and even though I remember, they weren't memorable moments. I still feel like I don't know the characters well enough and I definitely don't know when and how they fell in love. We literally moved to another chapter and they were in love enough to lay down their lives and all.

Ace is an unstable character because you can love him, hate him and be indifferent to him as you go through the chapters and London was just as uninspiring. She had her moments but those weren't the ones that were thoroughly highlighted.

At times I felt like this could be a realistic story with it's premises and progression but then the results of certain actions just left me rolling my eyes and don 't get me started on that climax. It was cheesy, basic and held little to no imagination. Did I suspect the culprit? Not really, because he was absent for 90% of this novel, so I could care less by the time he got his chance in the spotlight.

There seems to be a lot of unnecessary conversations and characters that were highlighted just because we needed a human space saver while there were pertinent characters that we didn't get to know and then were asked to show emotion towards them in the end. No! The sex, thankfully, could be read briskly because it wasn't much and it kept moving. It wasn't bad sex, just pretty basic.

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate this novel but I wasn't impressed either. It felt like something I read before and not much happened to get me excited. When things did happen, it felt like it was leading us to a build up that was more clappers than fireworks. Also, by the end, Ace came off softer than we initially thought and Jonah's memory was so badly kept it annoyed me as a reader. The fact that we met and interacted with him didn't help either.

It is so hard to crack the shell of these characters to find that part that makes us connect, empathize and anticipate the possibility of a follow up novel. I'd blame my opinion on the fact that World Cup is in it's best stages but I still wasn't interested in picking up this novel in my down time. It just didn't do anything for me.

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