Saturday, 19 July 2014

The Prince's Ex By Nadene Seiters

I am not one of those people who like trilogies but some stories need more than one installment and 'The Prince's Ex' is one of them. Was it rushed? Not until we got to the end but I think that has more to do with my love for the characters and not being ready to let them go.

I will admit that I was a little apprehensive when this story began because it didn't hit the ground running. It took some time to build and I judged the book by it's title and expected fluff and pageantry. I was in for a rude awakening because it was not what I expected and became more realistic as it progressed.

Some will see Amelia (pretty name btw) as a gold digger and I would have to say she's on the line but she's also honest. She knows what she wants and seems obsessed with the moving of money that I am actually surprised she wasn't a Trader. I like that she didn't move from the Prince's ex to the commoner's wife and it was good to see her date and have different relationships before she found the one that worked for her. I also like that the man was the one with more on the line and how they navigated those issues when they arrived.

Amelia is one of those character that has to grow on you because she makes no apologies for her faults and wants and while her back story is a sad one, you'd never know. This story is narrated more like a third party account but all I could hear was Amelia's voice; despite her shortcomings and blatant need for financial stability, you want to see this story through her eyes. I will admit that at times I thought he deserved better but Amelia proved that, given the chance, she can be that better thing he needs in his life.

The dynamic duo of Tina and Amelia made this book quirky, fun and full of good times. It's a hoot whenever those two are together and their time spent in that coffee shop made for quite the comedic relief. If I could, I would rename this book 'Coffee Shop Chronicles' but I don't know how i'd tie in that cover because it is too hot to not stay!

I hate when reviews give away too much information because then a novel loses some of it's mystic so I pride myself on keeping as much a secret as is possible and because Amelia had to go through a few frogs to her real prince, i'll refrain from using a name so as to not give away who the winner of her heart was, so from here on, his name shall be "Him" :)

"Him" was everything you could ever want in a man and though I picked up on a  few of his secrets early, I will admit that some threw me for a loop. Still, he remained intelligent, sweet, understanding and quite frankly one of the best book boyfriends I've seen in a while, without having to negotiate for her life or visiting each other in a hospital or jail cell. They didn't even break up and that's gotta be worth a nod in contemporary romance these days!

They are friends first then lovers and though we spent more time with her suitors than we did with her choice, I felt like I knew him well enough and am actually appalled at myself that I too overlooked him in the beginning.

For all those sex fiends, you can forget it. There is no graphic, detailed sex scenes and no one is being slapped or tied. It's clean fun with a few sexy undertones.

If you're unable to connect with the story, that's fine but I find that most women, especially of the single variety, can relate to this novel because it's a more real account of life in the single lane with a few unrealistic elements to give the novel dynamics. On the surface, it's remains an every day story with an every day couple in a small town with too many ears, nosy yoga classes and a little coffee shop that holds all their secrets :)

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