Saturday, 8 February 2014

Tangled By Emma Chase

I'll be the first to say that when I started this book, I thought about stopping. The writing style is not one that I fancy, I still don't, as I prefer a straight from my POV kind of read. Told from Drew's perspective, the narration was interactive. We were given time to process and examples to match. In the process, we got to see Drew as a teenager. We relived important moments with his family and friends, while we got to create new memories with Kate. That helped in giving us very detailed scenery and descriptions, with the help of some photos throughout.

I don't know how much time passed, because we were moving back and forth throughout time so much, that the seasons just lapsed. I remember at one point, it being Thanksgiving, but that's about it. By the end of this novel, it all felt new to me. Regardless of the new car feel, I knew and understand all the minor and major characters and their personalities. We didn't spend much time with the other characters, as we did with Drew and Kate, but Drew does a great job of incorporating every body. Even Jack :)

I love Drew's character. He is honest, at least to me, funny and witty. He has his rules and beliefs and I love that he wasn't love struck from beginning to end. He stayed true to his character, that made for some hilarious narration. I certainly felt like I had a front seat ride to their relationship.

The disadvantage of Drew's humorous narration, is that in the end, I saw Kate more as a friend or new budding relationship, than a let's jump the broom kind of  thing. I could spend the whole book reading about Drew trying to get Kate, as oppose to Drew and Kate being together. As a couple though, for however short, they are perfect for each other!

This story brings another angle to the independent woman and to long term relationships. It's one that's overlooked and it was given a new take from both Kate and Drew's perspective. Kate's ambitious and driven. Billy is misunderstood and Drew is a typical man in his position. I also love Dee Dee and hope that the upcoming book would have been about her and Matthew. 

This novel is fair. Billy got to prove himself and he was quite the competitor. There was only an inkling of uncertainty throughout this novel and I think it contributed to the overall plot.

I was kept interested and intrigued, even without much fuss or unique moments. There is definitely cliches, especially in the conclusion of this novel. It's all one big readable contradiction! There is not much memorable moments for me to gush about, but I did like the story line and development. Drew's mind is a place of fun, laughter and memories galore.

The sex scenes were explosively delicious, especially that first one! I also believe that the romantic gestures and break down of romance films were nice. They were each memorable and significant.

Overall, I think this is a nice, one sitting read. You will be entertained and interested, if you can stick out the first two chapters at least. I think that it missed the mark, in having that one major stand out moment, to leave us craving the next edition. It's not a fast paced, in your face, straight laced romance, but it gets there in it's own time and is definitely not a bore. Kate and Drew are perfect for each other and you won't be disappointed watching them mess up and get it right.

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