Saturday, 15 February 2014

A Million Guilty Pleasures By C.L. Parker

This novel started out much better than the first. It's safe to say it hit the ground running! It was one event, tragedy and discovery after the next. We finally got to meet Lanie's parents and we got to see Lexi in action as the great manipulator. We met Mack and that man ain't no fool.

The commentary, humour and progression was integrated well. We even got David Stone's POV. It's nopt hard to understand his motives and to be truthful, I don't hate the guy. I actually think his narcissism is hilarious! Lanie agrees ;)

This turn, I was prepared for Delanie the sex fiend. However, I still don't approve of her inner sexual monologues. I believe that no female over the age of 13 or 14 should use the words "Wonder Peen", "Double Agent Coochie", "Assterpiece" nor "Ridonkabutt". Especially with the amount of times she says them. I loved how she knew what she wanted and asserted herself as such. Their secret rendezvous were really hot, not that they ever had problems in that department ;)

Half way through this story though, it kind of fell off the wagon and began to lapse. Funny thing is, there was so many content to be expounded upon then, but we were just lingering. In an unnecessary limbo for a while. Waiting on what? I still don't know! 

The consistent interest, wit and humour it started with digressed slowly, until it became all about the sex. Not that I mind, but I believe that this story is good when it comes to conversation, that the sex filled scenes could have been less. There was content.

I love Lanie and Noah as a couple but I would have loved to spend more time watching their relationship grow, instead of the insta-everything that happened with them. The different paths they were given, half way through, didn't hold much conviction or elaboration. It would have been nice to experience the separation from both their POVs. Spending some more time with Lanie's father would have also been awesome. He is also funny, witty, observant and not what I expected.

The moment the main issues from 'A Million Dirty Secrets' were cleared, it all fell flat. It turned into sex, sex and more sex. I know it's suppose to be an erotic novel but I think this story could stand without the excessive sex. 

Even though I love them as a couple, I missed them as individuals this time around. I still don't fully understand the personality of Noah and I miss the regular insights into Lanie. ( I consider us friends) :D
Spending time with Dez, Polly and Lexi were great and definitely recommended!

I believe this series has all the elements for a great five star novel, but it's best moments were delivered sporadically and was inconsistent in it's delivery. While I knew what the the climax of this novel was, it wasn't very convincing or had the impact I predicted and hope for. I expected more of a fight from everyone, but especially David. His character was quite the douche, but he added an unknown element and possibilities that could have been explored in more details.

This is a quick, sexual read for those who don't mind an abundance of in depth and detailed sex scenes in comparison to additional content and scenarios. It is not all sex though, as the issues of this novel are weighty, they just aren't delivered with enough conviction.

Great characters, great sex and a promising story line. I wouldn't call this book boring, but I would say it didn't live up to it's full potential. There were too many important issues and scenes that were skimmed over in favour of detailed sex moments. No matter how hot their sex is, their conversations are so much better!

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