Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Rome By Jay Crownover

Rome. It's an up hill battle. There are good, bad and memorable moments. I wouldn't call their story line bad or boring, but it felt weak, when it came to the execution as a couple. I found myself fascinated with everything else going on around Cora and Rome, than I did with the main characters themselves. I was therefore equal parts surprised and not so much, when I saw how and when their story ended. It's a cliffhanger that has nothing to do with them as a couple o.O

At the end of this book, Rome and Cora's story is incomplete, but hold a really great line up for Nash. I know that his book is next, but I don't know what to make of the fact that their story isn't finished, while another is about to start.

I developed a strong interest in Asa. So strong, that part way through this book, I stopped to check Goodreads to find out when we would be getting his story. In case your interested, there's two more to go before his turn :)

Could be  the interlocking system of this series, or the personality traits of Rome and Cora, but I found that we got more of every one's story of past, present and future in this novel as much as we did the lead characters. I like Rome and Cora together as a couple. They just make sense. I did however, favour Rome's POV over Cora's. She had her moments, but I preferred a day in Rome's life. I think I expected much more depth into both their world's that I got, so I chose the better of the lot and that was Rome's. He had more of a struggle than Cora's childhood fantasies. The guy also made the ultimate sacrifice for his woman, nothing says hot than that!

We reconnected with the Archer's and Margot was a lot more melted than before. I just hoped for more time with Joe. Then again, this being an incomplete story and all, might help shed some light on him in Nash's book.

What puzzles me, is that this story stops at 90%. While I never mind the refresher course from 'Rule' and 'Jet', it could have been used to complete Cora and Rome's story. I like complete novels. Even though this wasn't a cliffhanger of Cora and Rome's story directly, it was a cliffhanger nonetheless and not something I noticed much from the novels before. We have always had those what's next ending from this series, but this one was glaringly obvious. It leaves a big what now? o.O

The fact that the next book is entitled 'Nash' I doubt they will be the stars of this show.

This installment held the prefect blend of characters and their issues. Cora and Rome came off so perfect, as a couple, that you just had to pay more attention to the people around them. They were the protectors and as such, they figured out their problems long before the others, even though they had a catalyst or two.

There is a lot of change in this novel and some reminders that I still can't remember witnessing. Guess that's why some series deserve re-reads before you start a new installment. -_-

I wanted more of Rome and Cora issues, but it was good to interact more with Rule again and to witness as him and Shaw try to make a life together. It was also nice that Cora at least, got along with her parent. Their dynamic seemed solid. I initially thought this would be a book strongly focused on PTSD, but I was wrong. I did however like the angle it was taken from.

As always, Remy's memory was kept alive and I really hope that one day Jay Crownover might be crazy enough to give us a book before 'Rule' when Remy was still alive.I love his character without ever meeting him and getting a chance to interact with Lando makes me feel like it would make for a great read! Honestly, I too miss him and wish he was alive.

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