Thursday, 13 February 2014

Savage Delight By Sara Wolf

You have got to be kidding me! All the time. All the time Sara Wolf, all the time! Sighz ... yup! It's another profanity cursing cliffhanger ending. It was almost predictable this time, but it still left us in the middle of a big life altering situation. As to where we are going and the so called happy ending, I can't see it! o.O

On the bright side, we learnt a lot more about Isis, Nameless, Sophia and Jack. Everyone else is utterly confusing and I don't see the need to even try, so I don't bother. This story is churning in a blender with a million situations, outcomes and characters. It's one big mess and I can't see it all straightening in one book.

Isis continues to be her crazy self and that's putting lightly. However, we finally get to see what lays beyond the sarcasm, wit and random acts of craziness. She is old enough to sleep over with a guy and be the crutch her mother needs, but her personality is that of a twelve year old. I will never understand that.

This story will annoy you. Especially if you don't read it in one sitting. The characters are immature and the conversations are petty, confusing and random. There is though, many moments of laughter, clarity and deep seeded issues that occasionally appear more mature, than the intended age group.

The revelations are very anti climatic and the major shockers continue to be the literal ending. I truly don't understand half of what I just read, so I left this novel more confused when I began. I do know though, that I liked it enough, to want to read the next. I love the characters of Jack and Isis but Knife guy will forever have my heart :)

We got Jack's POV this go. Sporadic as it was, it had it's moments of clarity also, when it wasn't repeating the exact thing that we read before. It is hard to explain, but the most annoying traits of these characters is what draws you to them in the first place.

Jack is a thick block of ice but I love when he describes his feelings for or towards Isis. Isis is annoying, plain and simple, but her witty comments and comebacks help to keep this twisted, confusing novel afloat. Each character play their roles well, but I still can't put together the pieces of the puzzles that is this story.

We finally spend some time with Sophia, but don't expect much on that front either. The chick is coo coo crazy and I don't see what every one else does in her. A part from her being the block between Jack and Isis, the girl is pure evil and quite the manipulator. Her act at the end of this book, I believe was strategically done, to make the rift even bigger between Isis and Jack.

This is a dark, twisted tale of high school kids who behave like 30 year olds with major Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys complexes. Nothing is what it seems and revelations are revealed in the blink of an eye without any build or release at the end. It's a cluster of everything that's crazy and I can't wait to find out what happens next.

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