Thursday, 20 February 2014

Undefeated By Scott Hildreth

I think I should get a medal for completing this novel. It's only fair. This book is like a romance novel parody. Every one is all zen and insightful. It's like a monastery. Especially for the first half. There is the womanizing, idiot of a best friend and the hot blonde, bombshell who works at a coffee shop and has the confidence of Ms. Universe. Their's even the bad ex. Problem is, it's all came off fake, confusing and laughable.

This is like a Drake album, 'Nothing was the same'. One minute someone's eyes are blue, the next it's grey. Sometimes two years pass then it reverts to only being 6 months o.O

It is clear as day that a man wrote this novel. I always thought I would never be able to know the difference, but believe me, I do. Terminologies, sex scenes, fighting scenes. All the manly elements of this novel were detailed, while the feminine traits were more of an ode to the men in this novel.

I'm not trying to be sexist or rant on this author and his work, but c'mon! This was a badly phrased, developed and delivered novel. I went back and forth between rolling my eyes and dying with laughter from the sheer embarrassment I felt for the characters and the story.

For what it lacks in content, originality and conviction, it had in potential. There were spurts of all the missing elements occasionally, but the story still felt jumbled and was inconsistent in it's delivery. I was bored and had to read this novel in segments to be able to complete it. If I had attempted to read this novel in one sitting, it would probably turn out to be a DNF.

Kase annoy me as a person and I keep wanting to write the letter 'y' at the end of her name. It's apparently pronounced 'Casey'. She has all this spunk and sarcasm in her head, yet still, she spends 10 years as a beating stick -_-

She never completely salvage her character for me, but she became tolerable, especially when she stood up for herself. Her nervous habits were laughable and not in a good way. This chick just annoys me to no end. Obviously, she has her zen moments, that's when I just have to roll my eyes and ask where was Confucius all those years you spent beaten and bloody? o.O

Shane Dekkar is a character of potential and possibly my favorite. I didn't however, like his character until he fell to the ground, in a puddle of crazy. He has a solid back story that only needed some good development. His character is one of the more potential filled aspects of this story. He has many unique quirks about him, that didn't get the chance to shine. They could have been strong distinctions for not only his character, but this novel.

Surprisingly, this isn't your normal fighter novel. We hardly spend any time watching Shane train and the usual floozy's were missing. That tidbit intrigued me, it made me wonder if jealousy is a stronger emotion for women than for men. Written by a man, I expected more brawn than brain, but this novel was so much brain that it became cheesy.

Ripp is also an interesting character and I wish we could have gotten more one on one interaction with him and Shane. His one POV, as he carried out his criminal act, was hilarious and well executed.

I know the aim or point of this novel. I get the abuse, struggles and safety blankets of it all. I just don't think it was delivered well and it left much to be desired. A story line of great potential but a jumbled, uninspiring, borderline cheesy delivery. Maybe next time Scotty!

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