Monday, 3 February 2014

The Arrangement 12 By H.M. Ward

Ok, so apparently I spoke too soon and jinxed it :(

We are back were we started, jumping through volumes, with no true purpose or vision. I am 100% confused. We are given tidbits and content that we already read. When we finally get some fresh content, we turn the page and see an excerpt for another Ferro novel, then we are asked to leave a review. Asking eager, upset readers for reviews, when they are looking for content, might not be the smartest thing. I am now apprehensive about reading volume 13, because when will 14 be out? o.O

The story line is still intriguing and the endings definitely leave me wanting more. Literally. o.O

We make another cross between series and go back in time to Jonathan's novel. We get to spend some time with Sydney and Peter, whom I still believe, has the best series within the Ferro family series. I was left wondering though, if I need to start reading Trystan's story, because chunks are now missing. While they don't affect this story much, they sure would help.

A little twist at the beginning of this novel has me breathing better since the last installment, but that ending just had me crazy once again. I am confused and this whole series isn't getting clearer. A little clarity at the end of these volumes would be wonderful. Just once!

I have lost count of time, but I doubt this series has span a year yet, if even six months. One thing this series has going for it, is it's secrets. I know none nor do I have any idea. This is all one big mind game that seems to tease you as we progress.

A saving grace for volume 13, is that it will initially be from Sean's POV. I have been craving that since I met him in 'Damaged'.

There is not much difference between this volume and the last. We have literally moved on a couple hours again and obviously a team of ninjas are after Avery and Sean. Let's see how it progress. As it stands, this series has yet to change direction or style. I can probably plot the next volume and how it will end.

My opinion, take at least a month break between these novels so it doesn't feel like you are wasting your money. Who knows, by then, they might be on sale :)

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