Sunday, 2 February 2014

The Arrangement 11 By H.M. Ward

Either I have figured out the secret, or this is the best written installment since volume 6. Time. If you make enough time pass between reading these volumes, it won't seem as long and monotonous as it was becoming.

I am starting to understand and tolerate Avery and Sean more. But as we gain, we also lose. It seems we lose a very important character in this installment and I have to say it will leave you a little shaken. This is a huge impact on the story line, at least for me, and I can admit that I was occasionally scared throughout this installment. The secrets are stored tightly under lock and key and a constant cloud of darkness seems to always be over Avery and Sean's head. My main question now is, will they ever find light?

In finally accomplishing something, since 'The Arrangement: Volume 6', it had to once again end as a mind game, opening a flood gates worth of buried issues for both Sean and Avery. It just seems to go on and on for these two.

However, for the first in a long while, I am craving the next volume. I can just imagine what this will do to both the main characters and I can't wait to see how we move on from here. I am actually excited about 'The Arrangement' again, would you look at that? :)

I am still apprehensive though of this story. When will ever end? It's like we are digging up every hole from the past to try and stop the future and present. I must say, these are some strong characters, because I would have thrown in the towel eons ago.

This will be quite the test for Sean and Avery and I can't wait to see how they handle this problem after their last conversation and declarations.

Don't be fooled people, it's still short and spans a couple hours. There is a limited amount of conversation and the sex scenes seems to be rampant and public. It will hold your interest though, and allows you to see Avery and Sean take the next step, the only way they know how.

Short and spicy. You are more inclined to like it. Avery shows us why she is the only woman right now, who can get through to Sean Ferro and Sean Ferro gives us a peak into his thoughts. Once again, I would really love to get into the mind of the Ferro men. Elusive doesn't begin to describe them.

Take a look. For those who went on a hiatus of the series, like moi, they can get reacquainted and interested. For those loyal followers, there is finally some action after that down period. It's got an interpretation for everybody.

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