Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The Arrangement 13 By H.M. Ward

Well, that was a nice dose of betrayal and heartbreak all wrapped in a pretty peanut filled box. I frequently as myself why I even bother with this series, but at this point, some answers are needed. We have passed the volume 10 line. What's next? Let's get over this issue and move on to anything else!

The basics of this series is known. The writing, scenes, details, it's all impeccable. The problem is development and progression. We desperately some. Even the monopoly scenes were discussed at length.

I have now received my refresher course in Monopoly, but I am left completely confused and wondering what will happen next? Who can I trust? When will this madness end? Where are we going? The questions are endless. This was, another couple hours spent with Sean and Avery, that felt like a lifetime.

I was, one of the many persons, jonesing for Sean's POV. I didn't dislike the scenes from his POV, but I am a little disappointed in the quantity and the quality. It didn't help much and felt like a major let down for me. As far as I am concerned, Avery could have told those scenes also :(

We are no where closer to getting some answers. I am not intrigued, as much as, I just want to get to the point. How do you even edit a video with someone else? It's not a photo. Sighz ... I don't know! o.O

There is more death, clues, sex and lies. It's the standard installment of 'The Arrangement' series, but with a few twist. It's the standard cliffhanger, confusing, edge of your seat-not yet ending that leaves you scrambling for the release date of the next volume.

I don't believe this to be a bad series, but some more substantial content is definitely needed now. We are at volume 13 ... when will we get some answers? It's clear this series will remain in its current format, but how about we get some other issues, characters, scenery, solutions? Idk, just give me a complete volume with new occurrences and an ending with some answers.

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