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She Has Your Eyes By Elisa Lorello

Andi and David have settled happily into Andi’s Northampton home, but David wants more. He wants them to get married. Their discussion is put on hold when Wylie, a fifteen-year-old girl, shows up in their backyard, bearing news that takes David’s mind off the future and sends it spiraling into the past. Reeling from David’s news, Andi receives a startling announcement of her own, one that leads to a relationship with her estranged mother. As Andi and her mother get closer and Wylie weaves her way into their lives, Andi finds solace in an old comfort: her ex-fiancé. With the past threatening to eclipse their future, the timing for a wedding is all wrong. But if Andi knows anything about timing, it’s that there’s no time to waste.

I remember reading 'Faking it' and 'Ordinary World' and how I loved them both. I also remember how I felt at the end and none of them evoked the feelings I have for 'She has your eyes'.

Don't assume you know the content or progression of this book, because you will be wrong! I surely was. The entire series reads as complete stand alone's and this one is no different. You never feel cheated or short changed after reading a book from this series.  Closure and content is too mild to describe the feelings I got from this story.

Maybe I am getting older or its the material and genre of this novel, but this is what I have been looking for in the longest while! The problems are every day struggles that transcends to the pages beautifully! It's nice to take a break from young adults and traverse the world of womanhood. The over 35 crowd can be quite spectacular :)

This is reality, even if in the end, is the better side.

Andi and David has stayed true to their characters throughout this series and watching them acclimate to the problems thrown their way is great. But even with the changes, we are thrown in the past with a little Devin/Cutrone madness occasionally. The thing that could have made this book scorching is more detailed sex scenes, but that wasn't even necessary. Their story stood on it's own without the help of sexual gimmicks. There was enough good content, issues, momentum and struggles to last us a lifetime!

I love Wylie! She is a riot! If anything, I would have loved to spend more time with her character. She is not what I expected and she definitely contributed spice to this novel. She came in like hurricane force winds and kept her momentum throughout. Her personality, reactions and presence was a great addition and I love when she fell in the role of a typical teenager. Trish seems just as awesome!

Separate and apart from the obvious main issue of this novel, we got to clear mistakes of the past and curve our way to the future. We even got a wedding in the mix :) English lessons were prominent as always. For anyone interested in details, you will love this book. If you don't learn anything after reading this novel, then you should probably read it again ;)

This book did something for me that 'Ordinary World' didn't. It helped me understand and appreciate Sam's character for the first time. I still don't approve of it, but I understand it.

Andi's relationship with her brothers have always been solid, but we get some one on one time with her mom and that was more precious than anything else highlighted in this novel. Even with death plaguing the fringes of this novel, it never once felt like 'Faking it' or 'Ordinary World'. There is evolution and growth. You are transported to a different time in both Andi and David's life. You get to see them struggle to find their footing, as both individuals and a couple.

The surprise for me was the inclusion of Andrew in the story. If you don't remember Andrew, then you need not worry. You will by the end of this novel. All I will say is, he shook this book and no one, or at least I, didn't even remember him. I will not though.

A more mature crowd would understand and appreciate this novel, but anyone can give it a go. It is real, concise, detailed and leave you wanting more while feeling satisfied. Women's Fiction has a new face, and her name is Elisa Lorello.

Elisa Lorello was born and raised on Long Island, the youngest of seven children. She earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth and eventually launched a career teaching rhetoric and composition. Elisa spent six years in North Carolina, where she split her time between teaching writing to university students and publishing her own work. She has since returned home to the Northeast. Elisa is the author of Kindle bestselling novels Faking It and Ordinary World, Why I Love Singlehood (co-authored with Sarah Girrell), and Adulation. Faking It, translated in German as Vorgetäuscht, also spent three consecutive weeks at #1 on the German Kindle Bestseller List. When not writing, Elisa is an unapologetic Duran Duran fan, Pop-Tart enthusiast, walker, and coffee shop patron, and she can sing two-part harmony.

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