Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Sex Love Repeat By Alessandra Torre

I'm a big Alessandra Torre fan. Just ask Alessandra Torre ;) Despite being a fan of her work, I won't lie. I loved it ... until the end :(

With that being said, just give her the crown already, because this lady is the queen of quirky, unconventional, out of this world, unusual but works, romances! If you are looking for a little taboo, look no further than an Alessandra Torre novel!

This is a great and unusual story with a great set of characters. The story line is filled with enough drama to keep you occupied right down to the last page. I am going through chapters, like there is no tomorrow, clutching at every word. The end wasn't even poorly written, it just wasn't the one of my personal hopes and dreams :(

I never fail to enjoy an Alessandra Torre novel and this one was no different. I loved the characters, the development and the effortless switch between Madison, Stewart, Paul and Dana. There are so many climaxes within this story, that you can't possibly be bored! Just when I think this story has peaked, one more situation is added and I am leaving wanting more.

There is not one character in this book I dislike. Everything within this novel seems so effortless and leaves me believing that I can try a little three some  ;) The story is written beautifully and you can't help but love the taboo of it all.

I never liked one guy more than the other, until it came down to a decision. Then, I started to really see the one I favored and had the strongest connection with. Unfortunately, he wasn't the chosen  :(

The sex scenes of this novel were concise, if possible, and to the point. Doesn't mean it lacked passion or fire either. Every sex scene, detailed or not, was filled with emotion and passion, even up against a wall in a bathroom, with the other guy a couple steps away. See what I am talking about? Drama!  I connected with all the characters and I was never once bored or bias.

The surf terms in this novel were ridiculous and I wonder if they are real or made up. The fact that I don't know, is another testament to this novel. Everything felt real and even the impossibles were filled with potential, when Alessandra Torre writes it and her characters portray it.

I adore the guys of this novel! They are both hot, adventurous, spontaneous and get a girl wet without even trying! It is impossible to pick one, so I understand Madison, I would live the fantasy too. Especially if I had permission.

Stewart is the powerhouse, workaholic who gets you going with a look and Paul is the relaxed surfer that allows you to enjoy the natural beauties of life. When they combine? *fill in the blanks*

This story isn't edgy or dark, but it is unconventional, inappropriate and so right! The taboo is removed and all you can see is the love story within. If any problem I have with this novel, it's the ending. I felt that a decision was made too quickly and the emotions I felt for these characters were dismissed with too much ease. It didn't feel rushed, but in essence, it was.

Honestly, I still don't understand a lot about this relationship and the parties involved. It is all one big mess, that you will have to experience to understand. What I do know, is that Alessandra does a great job of navigating and sensitizing readers to the content of this novel. Even if you don't get it, you love it!

I really hoped for a separate book for one of these guys, but as I said in the beginning, I'm a big fan of Alessandra Torre work, so I'll just wait on the next smasher! :)


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