Saturday, 1 March 2014

Cherry Girl By Raine Miller

Neil and Elaina is the perfect couple. No fuss, no doubt, it's all rainbows and sunshine with these two. I however, could have done without reading about them. When I began reading this story, I totally thought I was reading about Gabrielle and Ivan (totally had to do a kindle search on that) and then I realized who they were my mood plummeted a little :(

I fell asleep and took a lot of breaks to complete this novel. I literally had to power through the last 15% just so I could move on to another novel. I am obsessive like that and I hate to start one book without finishing another. It's not that this story wasn't well written, it's more the focus and elaborations. There are many elements to the story, that could have aided in the monotonous tone of this novel, but they were benched in favour of issues that no one (meaning me) was interested in.

The constant basic sex did nothing for me either. At times I contemplated skipping the sex scenes but I never skip scenes when I am reading a book for the first time, plus these two seem quite vocal while the act is going on.

I liked young Neil and Elaina (totally forgot her name for a minute there, almost called her 'Cherry Girl'). They were funny, witty and definitely a little on the wild side. The moment they announced and began to explore those feelings it all went into the crapper!

I wanted bad, boozed up and high like a kite Elaina fantasizing about the much older, playboy Neil. They worked for me. Sappy Neil and stammering Elaina, of this lifetime, was boring and I barely finished this novel if not for my strong sense of determination :)

Even the conversations at times became pointless, space fillers, in a novel that doesn't even reach 300 pages. The climatic moments were flat and it's in writing my review, I realize that I completely disregarded them for what they were. I also found myself re-reading a fair amount of paragraphs, because my attention span as it relates to this novel was nil. It took as little as, Neal describing sex with Elaina, for me to start wondering if there's anything new on Netflix -_-

If I hear the word 'cherry' in a sentence again for the rest of this month I might just go crazy! Believe me, you can't possibly forget the title of this book or the color of Elaina's hair or any other cherry reference! This book certainly brought attention to the fruit, because I for one, have never been that big of a cherry fan. It's more a garnish for me and that's what this book should have been for the Blackstone series.

I think they were the "star couple" from the 'Blackstone Affair' series and by star I mean, the couple-we-all-wanna-be type. As for them getting a whole novel for themselves? No bueno!

They are great together as a couple, they have a lovely back story, potential and a great foundation. Their families, support system and struggles are real. I don't doubt the sincerity of their love and their relationship, but that's also why people (meaning me) will watch 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' over 'Tori and Dean', it's much more interesting!

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