Monday, 10 March 2014

Broken Pieces By Riley Hart

If I was to tell you how I found and began reading this story, it'd be a lie. I stumbled upon it by accident, on my weekly Goodreads sweep. What I do know, is that I am glad I found it.

This is like no other M/M romance or romance novel that I have ever read before. This is my second, three's not a company, book that I have read and it's the first with an ending of this caliber and emotion for me as a reader. However, I am still apprehensive, especially seeing that there will be a continuation in late 2014.

I love them all. I loved Mateo and Josiah's relationship in the first half of this novel, to the point where I couldn't see how Tristan would fit. Then I loved the dynamic of Tristan and Josiah so much, to the point where, I wasn't sure how Mateo would fit. Somehow, some way, Riley Hart found a way to mesh it all together and what would you know? It worked!

You won't understand this story. Don't expect or try to. Go with the flow and enjoy the ride. It might not be the norm and you will get lost but you can't help but to love these men. It isn't the dark mind sex you would expect it to be, but it comes pretty close. For the most part, they are openly gay and that just takes off the out of the closet issue, but they do have other problems lurking. Their issues, while familiar, are intertwined in a way that leaves it feeling original and still have you in suspense.

I got an in depth description and feel of each character and their personalities, even Ben. I know what each men bring to the table, novel and relationship on a whole. Josiah is the glue, Mateo is the rock and Tristan is the force that keeps them straight and together.

I've loved Josiah from his first introduction of Mateo. We got to watch him grow and become the man he was in the end of this story. He moved from a timid mouse, to the real lion of this pride. I cheered, cried and laughed with him. I believed and felt every emotion propelled from the guys in this novel, but I certainly stuck with Josiah through this ride.

Mateo is an enigma. I never know what to expect with him, but really, it's all the things no one wants to say. Every time I think he will shut down, he does the unexpected. No offence, but I honestly couldn't picture him as being gay, even before we even met his character. He has this edge that takes this novel to another level and without him, this threesome could not work, both figuratively and literally. They all contribute to this relationship and if one is missing, it just wouldn't be the same.

Tristan is the leader, savior, peace keeper. He is there alpha to both men and I love when he gets a chance to be the beta. There is a silent but deadly undertone to this man that I just love. Call me weird, but I love a terse man and Tristan is just that! He is firm, unflinching and I would love to have seen him eviscerate in the courtroom. I got lost in the characters, story line and personalities. I feel like I know them personally.

This story is a journey, that eventually brings you to a satisfying, but incomplete ending. I could stay here day and night to discuss this novel page by page, with how much I loved it and I haven't even got into the hot and heavy three some sex scenes. Now that's participation!

I was enthralled, captivated and I tried to fight with my eyes to remain open to finish this story in one day. It never came to pass, but two days wasn't bad either.

I was never bored. Confused, frustrated, dumbfounded but never bored. I have been looking for a shake up in my reading list for a while now and I have finally found it with 'Broken Pieces' by Riley Hart. I will keep a vigil until the release of book two, because I miss this threesome already and my kindle is still hot from reading the last page!

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