Monday, 24 March 2014

Trust By Sherri Hayes

I haven't felt like this about this series since 'Slave'. Book 1 had the most memorable impact on me and it was the one that made me want to pursue this series. With that being said, I could, but I won't ask for a better ending. It was detailed, just and not what I expected, but surely good enough to call it an end. Bones part ... no more cliffhangers :)

I might not have said it in my reviews of this series before, but I really like that the world of BDSM is no secret tot he main and some minor characters. This is the norm for them and they don't apologize for being who they are. They are confident bunch and I love their show of unity and strength throughout this series and especially towards the end of this novel.

This story was packaged in a lovely bow and left for us to decide on our own interpretation. I, personally loved it. It mixed the old with the new whilst shedding light on a different side of all the characters. If anything I could ask for, it's a word or conversation from Mr. Pierce. His crazy mind intrigues me. His demeanor captures my attention and I really want to know more.

Brianna finally grew a pair of balls and kept the crying to a respectable level. I understood, sympathized and adored her character unlike I ever had. This installment was the only time I didn't have bouts of frustration with her. I believe that is because the characters and story line were moving! I didn't have time to dwell. It was constant, fresh and filled with drama for days!!!

Worry not though, because it still kept its original pace and details. There was still confessional, Stephan and Brianna style, while we continued to work our way up the BDSM ladder. Stephan is surely a competent and educated DOM.

This time, we get a chapter from Cal' s POV. It was never rushed or forced and I believed every interaction, lie and decision. I was actually surprisingly pleased with the ending. Though fair, it still felt a little premature in my opinion. After all, none of them were even 30, by the time we got to the end. I did however understand the notion.

This installment is broken up into sections with different story lines. It was like reading 2 or 3 novellas in one. It was meshed together beautifully! I loved the dimensions and dynamics that were produced. I read the majority of this novel in one day and it felt like a week. That's the emotional drag it placed on me. I say that though in a good way. I was in it with the characters, right till the very end. As I have come to discovered with a Sherri Hayes novel, the ends cliffhanger or not, leave me wanting more. I just wanna stalk these two!!

I have always been a Stephan fan, but I fell in love with him more. He guided us through some difficult times in this series and it was done to perfection. I felt like Anna in those intense emotional moments and he certainly makes me wanna try the lifestyle. Way to go Mack! ;)

I was left on edge a couple times because the drama level in this one was high! While not what I expected, it was everything I needed. Everyone got a piece of the pie. There was no stone left upturned but I still wanted to spend evenings in the living room with Brianna and Stephan. I have grown to love, respect and appreciate this story and all its characters for the role they play.

I can't see me completely forgetting story. It is surely memorable and I am definitely a Sherri Hayes fan! It's been splendid and I am glad Amazon recommended I purchase 'Slave' because this turned out to be a story to remember with characters that will hold a special place for me.

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