Friday, 28 March 2014

Underestimated Too By Jettie Woodruff

I am conflicted, even though I loved this story from beginning to end. I was engaged, excited, interested and hanging on to every moment with Drew and Morgan, even the terrible ones. Still, I felt like the last two chapters were really abrupt and came off as a summary, as oppose to the detailed solutions I got accustomed to from book 1. This novel was half the amount of pages as the first and I felt as though we needed another 1/4 worth to make it complete. It's a good ending, but I don't like the time spent to reach that ending.

Don't expect this to be 'Underestimated' from Drew's POV. Though that was the aim, it took on a familiar but creative approach, that was able to mix past, present and future. We were in the present, living, learning, growing, while stuck in the issues of the past, trying to find our way to a future.

The voice Morgan found in 'Underestimated', after her accident, was still there but not as strong as before. It was sorely understated, which led to the first time since picking up this series, I actually hated Drew and despised Morgan. I know the fairy tale wouldn't last, but I didn't expect the reactions and decisions we got either.

Shocking thing is, when the solution my mind lobbied for in the beginning was brought to fruition, I was totally against it! I think I understand this couple, on an unhealthy level. It takes experience and a huge open mind to not get offended by the events of this relationship and series.

Drew's "POV" in this novel was precise for the time of recollection, as well as, hilarious. He recalled some very significant moments from book 1 that we weren't privy to, and some that I never even thought about until then. Morgan's reactions were also comical and helped to lessen the serious nature of the sessions with Deidra.

This novel uncovered even more damning secrets. Because it's Morgan and Drew, there was always drama. It was constant, non stop and each situation was different but similar. I imagine this to be just the tip of the iceberg, but what a tip it is! I now understand Drew Kelley like never before and boy are his skeletons meaty!

To top it all off, we got a Lauren/Dawson update and confirmed one of my previous suspicions from book 1, as it relates to Nicky's father. What I did't expect at the end of this book, was to hate Lauren. That chick is a rhymes with witch and had us all fooled.

Though I wasn't his biggest advocate, I could do a novella with the Maine sheriff. Irrespective of my undying love for the wife beater, that is Drew, I did like the Sheriff and his easy going love making. Not a full length novel, but a novella for sure!

We got to watch Nicky grow and Marta is definitely a better nanny than Rebecca was to Morgan, just as better a friend as Alicia is over Lauren. Morgan finally voiced some of her resentment and I would have loved to be apart of every one of their counselling sessions. These two people are messed up in the head, bed and everything they do in life.

The sex remained the same, as we focused more on the issues at hand and of the past. We learn the truth behind Andrew, Michael, Andrew's mom and Morgan's past. They make for quite the soap opera and turned as many old stones as possible.

I was content with the story line and development. My main disappointment at the end of this novel, is being unable to enjoy the future. I never wanna leave this couple, but I don't want their spark to die either. I could see myself even reading a novel with all the kids in this novel grown. I'd love to see Drew and Morgan deal with a hormonal teenage son :)

Don't look for rainbows and puppies. This is Drew and Morgan. It is angry, abusive, dark and twisted. This is romance done the Kelley's way. If you hated 'Underestimated', you won't be a fan of 'Underestimated Too'. It's worse, because of the love and family they share. It's raw, primal and not looking to make friends. It's all about them and I loved it down to the last letter on the page.

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