Saturday, 22 March 2014

Truth By Sherri Hayes

Let's stick to the title of this novel, I was considering a break from this series, when I first started reading this installment, I was slowly interested as we near the end and now I am determined to finish based on the ending. The difference between a two and three stars, for this novel, is literally the ending.

It's still not a hold the phone moment and it also ends a cliffhanger, but it's a powerful for both Brianna and Stephan as individuals and as a couple. I totally didn't see happening, especially the fact that it was finalized by Brianna of all characters!

Many readers of this series, might be able to guess the ending, as this series continues to keep its patterns from book 1. As I said before, in another review in this series, the thing I like and dislike about this novel is the time line. I am at times dying for progression, especially as it relates to Brianna's metal and emotional state, but I also like how realistic it feels, that we are taking the time to grow and change with the characters.

Now that the sex has been had, I'm not as impressed with their sexual energy, as I was before. The charge has fizzled! On the plus side, it is still sensual and not overwhelmingly long. Where sex is concerned, ask and ye shall receive!! We get some one on one time with two characters I surely wanted to see play! Unfortunately, we didn't get much :(

We broke the evening pattern once and ventured into the world of night life. From there, we interact with more characters, for the first time, outside of Stephan's circle of friends and family. Even though Brianna is trying really hard to conquer her many fears, I don't think there is enough installments, to clear the mess that is, time spent in Brianna's head o.O

I continued to get annoyed with her character. I am slightly still annoyed. If she cries one more time she might flood the Minneapolis area. Someone should see if this chick tears can run a power plant because with the amount of tears she shed, she should be able to contribute to the environment in some way o.O

We focused a few on Stephan's past and present principles and practices. We got more details on his parents death and believe it or not the man can become Brianna with a simple mode of transportation! It was interesting to see his reaction, as well as hers, as they were both thrown out of their respective zones once or twice in this novel. The main thing I am looking for in the next novel, is more of those moments when Stephan had to rely on Brianna and Brianna stands up for her man!

I  love the lack of camaraderie but mutual understanding and occasional respect between Cal and Stephan. It gets better each installment along with Cal's unwillingness to adapt to Stephan and Brianna's relationship. It is hilarious and carries most of the comedic value in this series.

This story is precisely written and carry every situation to it's fullest. It keeps us captivated for the most past and the ends leave us wanting more. Breaks in the pattern are few, but promising and can be equated to a saving grace. I can't wait to start book four and see the repercussions of those last few scenes.

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