Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Need By Sherri Hayes

Let's talk about sex ... they had it! Moving on ...

I knew how this book would end before it even started. It's like a natural progression. There is a cycle and a system as to how things are done in this series and any deviation is welcomed, after all, it is a continuation. While it might seem monotonous to know the ending before you begin, it kept me focused on the other elements to the story, so I could nit pick the lifestyle and choices of all the characters.

So, if you read my review of 'Slave', you will know that I really wanted them to have a roll in the sack because I predicted greatness! However, it was not what I expected and it left me a little disappointed. I wasn't quite pleased with the act itself and some of the emotions that coursed through these characters from book 1 was needed to channel in that moment. It wasn't terrible, but the suspense was more mind blowing. Maybe it's the tease of it all, but the act fell flat to me. Then again, the man been rubbing it out in the shower :)

I love progression. Development is my pot of gold! It's small, but I will take it. We learn more about Brianna before Ian and finally get to see a vulnerable side to Stephan. He provided us with some insight into his childhood, as well as, the death of his parents. Poor Xavier :(

The feminist in me continued to roar though. As we get deeper into the BDSM lifestyle, I get more apprehensive. It's my first time really experiencing the lifestyle outside the bedroom. Maybe that's the struggle for me, as Brianna seems to be okay with being treated like a pet. I am too much of a skeptic to try and appreciate this the way others will. Honestly, if you are a die hard feminist, I don't think you should even be in the BDSM category much less reading this book.

We got more with Lily and Logan, including their back story. I have gotten to appreciate them as a fellow BDSM couple and really good advisors to both Stephan and Brianna. I would like to one day, experience the life of a BDSM couple, without scars and trauma. Then again, can they really be without any of those if they are into the life? So many questions!

There were new developments and characters but there was also so much old patterns and issues. Sometimes it got a bit overwhelming. I really wish Brianna would shake this funk and Stephan deserves a medal for the patience, time and understanding he places in his relationship with Brianna. Give me a carbon copy of him any day!

Irrespective of this inequality, I love them as a couple and love that we get to watch them grow together. They challenge and bring out the best of both their worlds. Even though both characters struggle with their own demons, they conquer them together, one day at a time.

This book is thorough and will literally give you a day by day for both Stephan and Brianna. There is a routine, that as long as you have read book 1, you will know it. Sometimes I wonder, if we were to take out those repetitive scenes and incidents, how many pages would we be left with for reading o.O

Slow, spicy, sweet and straight. Not the best combination of adjectives, but I feel as if they embody this novel best. There is an element for every one and a crazy cliffhanger that has me happy that I didn't discover this series until 3 out of 4 books were available.

It's easy to get caught in a rut when it comes to this series, but I guarantee you that these endings wake you right up, itching for the next installment! You are simmered enough to wait until the release day, but it's so much sweeter when you know it's already waiting in your library :)

P.S. ... Hate the cover, looks like a father and a child but it surely nails Brianna for me!

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