Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Slave By Sherri Hayes

Well that was an abrupt ending o.O

'Slave' is definitely not what I expected but it was good enough. I was more engaged and interested at the beginning of the novel, by the end I felt like we didn't really accomplish much with the length of the novel. It became repetitive and I still can't get a good read on either of the main characters.

My copy is an Amazon purchase, and it comes with an audible.com narration sample. It was good and it gave voice to the character of Stephan. I still preferred to read on my own. It however, wasn't able to hold up the rest of his personality throughout the novel. I don't hate him, as I don't really know him. I could not tell you his true preferences or reactions. The man is stoic without even trying. Brianna isn't much different, she is so "trained" in her ways, that it might take 12 editions to see a crack in her shell.

We hit the ground running in this one. Unfortunately, it began to drag by the middle. We were experiencing every single day and detail since Stephan was aware of and bought Brianna. We even recapped situations we just read. I understand it was to provide clarity, but I just wanted to see some life in both of them. The oxymoron of it all, is that it also gave a more realistic time line, which I loved. There was no over night make over in either of their lives.

Brianna is a tough cookie and doesn't make it easy on Stephan or the readers. You have to work to gain her trust and believe me, it isn't easy! When you do crack that shell though, it's beautiful! She is not only a beautiful character, but what is left of her personality is memorable. She had a rough past but I love the development, to get where she is now, as well as, how she recollects and tell her past.

I don't normally care either way if a book is concentrated with sex or not, but I do know that I crave it for Brianna and Stephan! I think these two are going to have awesome, explosive sex and I really hope it's in the next book!

We might not get as intimate of a profile in regards to Stephan, but we got the basics. Something that bothered me throughout was his job and finances link. Owner or not, do people in his field of work roll around in dough of that caliber? o.O

Moving on, I never got to see him in his full DOM role and the glimpses weren't all that hot. What he does though, is ooze sex without being over the top cheesy. It's natural, gracefully and tastefully executed. I am without the sex to go on, but I would totally sign up to be this man Sub and I ain't even into that life!

That brings me to the the few moments where I hated both characters. Him for partaking in this lifestyle and she for putting up with it. The feminist in me got angered every time she called him "Master". In the bedroom ... maybe. Outside of it ... NO! I couldn't fully get behind the bandwagon of acceptable standard slave activities. I am well aware that it's BDSM and if you aren't cut out for this lifestyle or too strong willed like myself, you will be offended. Therefore, I had my moments.

I liked Lilly and Logan and once again found myself wondering what it would be like to "play" with them :)

This book needs room to breathe and grow on you. It has it's good and bad like every novel out there, but it is a good enough reading companion, if you can get over the demeaning recollections. There is definitely potential and I can't wait to see where this series will go.


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