Saturday, 15 March 2014

Off the Record By K.A. Linde

I can't believe I waited almost one full year for this. I stumbled upon this book at the end of one of the 'Avoiding' series and it was insta-love! So you can imagine how elated I am to find out that it was just as good as I had hoped it would be!

Let's remove the fact that it came out on my birthday, as that makes me a little bias, towards it's release. It was still a well written, detailed and developed story. I loved the detail given in the speeches, articles, politics and lectures. The sex scenes weren't as hot as I expected, but the length was just right for the heat it brought!

I understand both characters, but I do lean more on the side of Liz, as oppose to, Brady. There were definitely times when I wished she would just walk away! Occasionally, it felt like Lexi from 'Avoiding Commitment', all over again. Ms. Linde has a common message, that she sends through her novels and it's commitment. The conflict in this one was the clash between what was more important of a commitment.

Liz was fresh, fierce, sarcastic and loyal. The list goes on. I just love the chick! She had me from the first chapter, before this novel was even released. I get her dilemma and reluctance all at the same time. I even get her drive and how she continues to draw the short stick, but stay through it all. Honestly, she is the best candidate to be on Brady's arm and I am crossing my fingers in hope of a better tomorrow for them as a couple.

Brady is a little bit more complicated to understand, but the epilogue of sorts gives you a look into his world, as well as, his advisers. I didn't fully appreciate them, as a couple, until that last chapter. As usual, with a K.A. Linde novel, that's when it all started to unravel.

All the main characters and even some of the minor ones, are distinct and memorable. It would take a while for me to forget their personalities, as detailed and fresh, as it is in my mind right now. Even the ones who are fighting against the main characters, I couldn't find the nerve to hate. I am secretly hoping for more depth into as much of them as possible. Impossible I know, but a girl can dream! Clay and Chris certainly have my attention and I would really love some one on one time with those two.

I am from Jamaica, so I don't know much about the US political system, but this book didn't make me feel inadequate. Experience breathes wisdom and it showed. If you aren't about politics, I don't see you taking up this book in the first place, but it does go as deep as possible without losing you.

It also isn't another 'Scandal' as some might be hoping and the fairy tale ending is far if ever. It's a struggle and I found it hard to stick with the relationship dynamic till the end. I loved Liz and just wanted the best for her. Most times, that didn't seem like Brady.

There are numerous climatic moments within this novel and I loved them all. Despite this being a 445 page novel, I wasn't done with this story yet. I literally had to go to Facebook and see if Ms. Linde had posted any teaser or further information on book 2, because I need to know when and what will be happening next. Something, I don't normally do, because I like a little suspense in my upcoming novels. This time, I don't wanna wait. It feels like it's all just about to begin.

'Off the record' is a politically driven romance novel that will have you guessing, questioning, doubting, surrendering and everything in between. It's not for every body, but it surely works for me. It was descriptive, clear and I actually learned some writing techniques along the way. Whether you are interested in politics or not, you can appreciate a good story and this one certainly gets my vote!

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