Sunday, 16 March 2014

Obsessed By Deborah Bladon

When I hear the word 'obsessed', I get a little excited. Why? Because I sorta kinda love the crazy ones. Like Hudson, Lanie and Clay. They are crazy, we know this, but we love them all the same. Now imagine my disappointment when the word 'obsessed' didn't even fit half the bill of what I am familiar with or expected :(

He was obsessed yes, but certainly not with what or whom I expected. Honestly, I am even questioning if he was obsessed with anything at all. I've read this story line before in 'Miss Taken' by Cleo Scornavacca. This is a younger cast with different anchors, but the concepts are terribly similar, to my eyes at least.

I wasn't blown away, which is unfortunate when it comes to the topic of obsession and how far both characters and author will go, to get us wrapped up in the crazy. The sex scenes were where I lost interest mostly and I completely spaced out a couple times. I didn't hate the story, because until I found out his motive, at the literal cliffhanger ending, I was fairly engaged.

I like Ivy. Not a fan of her name though, which is strange. I keep calling her Liz which I am pretty sure would piss her off in light of the circumstances o.O
She was fiery, witty confident, brazen and reserved. It's all a flaming contradiction, but it works. She carries this story well and kept me interested enough to finish and want the continuation.

I am indifferent to the character that is Jax, even when I see that pretty boy has secrets at the end of this novel. I have no problem with them as a couple, but I don't feel a pull or heat towards their characters. I kept waiting for those crazy moments to separate him from the story and give him his own stamp, but he just currently feels like a space saver. Like, we need a hero, so tag your it!

We started to learn things about him, once again, at the literal end of the novel and from every one else but him. I still don't really know him though. He seems to have a lot of money, is "obsessed" with Ivy and can be quite the douche without even knowing it. That's all I got so far that's of any importance.

I like the curve ball that was thrown at Ivy, even if it was a little horrendous and laced with murder potential. I would have liked her to lash out more and give us some of that sarcastic, fiery Ivy from the first chapter.She was grown and went after what she wanted. Financially though, I just can't seem to understand her. Normally, I don't meddle in the finances of characters, but this book makes you stop and take a look. It's too confusing to sort but she needs to put a handle on that!

This is a short story, novella type actually. It's a little bit more pages than a novella in 'The Arrangement Series' by H.M. Ward. Not surprising, but it gives us more timeline, issues, conflict, plot and story line than an 'Arrangement Series' novel.

I was uber excited to read this book and even had problems choosing between it and another when the time came. I saved this for last, thinking I was using the "save the best for last" philosophy, but I was wrong. While not a complete dull, as it was too short to feel that way, I was definitely not as excited about this series as before I read it.

The elements that keeps you yearning for more and pacing like a crazy person was missing. Not bland, but certainly not brilliant either. I didn't even want more conflict, as much as I wanted more realistic interactions and to feel with and for these characters. I was neither sympathetic or passionate about their present and previous relationships.

It seems crying, hysterics and drama runs in the blood of these characters. Doesn't take much to elicit one or the other from this set. I won't right off this story and while I do want to see what will happen next, I am not as excited as I would want to be based on the topic of the novel. I truly hope the next novel will allow us to interact and gain some emotional traction with the characters, especially Jax.

Liz is a wreck, Mark is annoying, Ivy is witty, Ms. Adams is a star and Jax is Jax. I figure there is much more to all these characters, I just hope I will be able to obsess over them as I thought I'd be doing.

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