Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Underestimated By Jettie Woodruff

I've been having a splendid book week with novels that I didn't even anticipated! I just stumbled upon them. I sorely underestimated this book before I started to read it. I thought it would fit into the mold of dark romances and while it seemed to start like that, it quickly carved its own piece of the pie. When I began reading, I wanted the back story, as I hate starting in the middle of anything. I soon found out though that, that was the best place to start.

Seeing the past in flashbacks, dreading the future and uncertain of the future gave this book dimensions. I didn't understand that serious of an accident in the middle of the novel, but when I saw the aftermath, I was snickering like crazy at the possibilities. I was actually pissed at the anti-climatic reveal :(

I was hooked to this novel like I haven't been in a while and I never wanted to put it down for a moment. I lost sleep reading this one, because even though it was long, I wasn't shocked when I realized that I passed the 50% mark. One you get into this story, you don't wanna get out.

This story isn't for the unforgivable, feminist, judgmental type. It's not as dark and twisted as I expected, but it was overwhelming in the beginning. I had a love/hate relationship with Drew, because I just couldn't see the man redeeming himself. Before even getting to the second half of this novel though, I knew I loved him out of the options. Regardless of what happened, I stayed team Drew.

I like the dark ones. I think the men that carry an edge and dare you to dream with your eyes open are the best, even though they have to be taken with a grain of salt. In my personal life, this could never work for me, unless in the bedroom. In a book though, I am all for the Caleb's, Tony's and Drew's. The men that know what they want and don't care whether you want it or not. Even though I loved that he's a part of this community of men I love to hate, I loved his individuality and the fact that he depended on others to survive. His business was also intriguing to me as I have never read about that sector before. Getting off the business circuit was good, so was seeing another side to Vegas.

Separate and apart from my undying love for Drew, I was crazy in love with all the characters. Every one had their part and the fact that this novel took it's time and span over 10 years only made it better. It gave layers, development and within all the dark twisted fairy tale, showed realistic expectations and decisions. People and relationships, even friendships never stayed the same. They evolved like how things happened in real life. It was a pleasure to watch all the different stages. Kinda like a butterfly, but not as boring :)

I always loved Morgan/Riley, but I believe that a lot of people won't understand or like her character. It took her forgetting completely who she was, for me to get behind her 100%. She was always fiery and her inner monologues were just as good as her spoken words. I could not have asked for a better narrator. She was feisty and I loved it every time she back talked Drew! When she got pissed though ... God, she was a beast!. To watch Morgan defy Drew was hilarious and sexy all wrapped up in one big bow.

To forget Dawson is impossible, because he helped shaped this story.Without him, neither Drew or Morgan could have developed to where they were by the epilogue. I never hated the guy, but I wasn't his biggest fan either. There were sentimental moments and times when I felt like he might be the one, but I spent most of this book waiting to get back to Drew.

Well written and keeping me on the edge of my seat, at 75% I couldn't take it any more, so I peaked. I could not wait to find out who she would pick, if anyone in this installment. Yes guys, she did pick! Knowing though, did not detract from the story for me. I was even more interested to see how it would play out. I expected this story to mirror 'Consequences' by Aleathea Romig but it didn't. I noticed a Rawlings mention and wondered, but it wasn't big enough for me to dwell on.

The sex in this novel is raw and perfectly portioned and detailed. I find Morgan to be a sex fiend but it helps when you have the right partner. I loved the dirty things she and Drew did and didn't mind the love making with both guys. I think this is my first novel where the cheating didn't bother me. I understood even though I had my pick.

I was in no hurry for her to choose, because it kept the drama and tension high. I still wanted her to pick my guy and let us live out our HEA. I also thought we would get a little more Justin time/reunion. Maybe a next time, I don't know. Even with all the information that we got and the two biggest closures at the end, I still felt like there was some missing information and people that needed tying up.

I could sit her all day and go through each chapter of this novel, but I say buy a copy and experience it for yourself. It might feel familiar, like you might have read this story before, but believe me that enough unique traits and events are present to lock and keep your interest. It's a steady build up that ends with two powerful forces that take you on a world wind ride to their finish. You won't agree with everything, but it wouldn't be dark and twisted if you did ;)

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