Thursday, 6 March 2014

Crashed By K. Bromberg

Not very often this happens, actually, it's the first. At the beginning of composing my review, I had to read my review on the two previous books. I don't know what happened, but for the life of me, I just couldn't remember my emotions from the books before.

Now that I am all caught up, I would like to believe, that it is the uniqueness of this series, where each installment gets better as it relates to character and story development, but it's also equal parts unmemorable.

It was too long and could have been trimmed down to half it's size. The contradiction to this very statement is further below. Watch out for it, because it can't be helped. I was intrigued, bored, intrigued, bored and this continued to the very end. It was an endless loop. In it's quest to cover all the bases, it wasn't such the home run I anticipated it to be.

There has always been a soft undertone to this story and it was present in this installment also. I call these novels 'comfort zone' novels. They are comfortable to read and will take you days sometime to finish, but they aren't bad, they are just slow to build and keep, so you move as such. Momentum's aren't kept but the details are exquisite to the point of you getting bored.

Colton. I can definitely say I know him better now. He is quite the romantic and I have never read about a scavenger hunt of this caliber in a romance novel before. It woke me right up and placed a smile on my face that had people wondering if I was losing my ever loving mind! Good job on that buddy! You totally claimed the checkered flag for that one!

I completely forgot my disconnect with Rylee, until I read my previous reviews. That's what I call, the power of a backbone! She had it all and more in this novel. This is a relationship, a partnership, a struggle. This is how two adults fudge through the mess life has dealt and find their way together. I have always commended this novel for it's approach. 'I love you' is not an insta marriage proposal and it helped me to appreciate Colton's journey to his perfect epilogue.

The details of this novel was spectacular, especially the racing scenes. I have always loved when an author gets some research in and it reflects in her work. I never missed a skipping heart beat, sigh or moment of impact. I was at the edge and in between. If nothing else, I lived for those racing scenes! I say take out the detailed sex scenes and give us more time on the track!

The boys were not to be left out in this installment and I will say that I had hold out hope that they might have adopted them all, but that's not how rich people stay rich, unless your Brad and Angelina :)
The moments spent with them and their incorporation into everything Rylee was wonderful! I'd also like a job like Rylee's, because the way they lived in hospitals throughout this novel is unprecedented! Especially because they aren't doctors or nurses.

I believe in and of this couple. Their struggles, solutions and path to their ending was not an easy one. It was filled with almost weekly obstacles and the reveals and cleansing was lethargic. Everything is done in it's own time frame, even at the cost of other details. This however, does not deduct from the fact that I got bored frequently and at one point was only reading to finish. I had to take breaks, it was the only way to not be cynical with my review when I was done. It was too long and too detailed, but it was also those details that kept it from becoming a complete failure.

I can promise you that this book covers it all. On top of that, there is a little surprise for readers from K.Bromberg at the end. Get your copy, get a long flight or vacay and close the chapter on Rylee, Colton and the boys. If I could ask for anything else from this series, it would be a Zander novel. Read it get to claim your own checkered flag at the end.

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