Monday, 3 March 2014

The Arrangement 14 By H.M. Ward

I have made a personal decision to overlook the length of the installments within this series and to focus more on the content. So here goes!

It's the same as before -_-

A beginning, that continues where we left off from the previous installment, with a completely different idea than we initially thought. More darkness that is the past, present and future of Sean Ferro. Avery making really bad decisions and being offered more than her weight in gold (figuratively speaking). More death and mistaken identities, that leave us with more questions and a possible two month wait between books.

On the bright side and old character that we haven't interacted with in a while is back! He actually tells Avery like it is and I love their one one one time more than I have the last couple installments. Say what you want about him and his odd personality, but he is the realest character in this series so far, even when he's being a fake. I know other reviews will give it away, but I'll keep it a secret. Add a little surprise that can be opened in this lifetime!

Once again, Avery annoyed me, especially in the end. I am so tired of the cliche, romance novel type conversations, between herself and Sean. You two have too much going on to be sorting through broken souls and the likes. Deal with your feelings later, if you still have life in your body to care! I just really want this entire story to get to the good part already! After 14 installments, at least a year should have passed already and who is this psychotic killer with Ferro type money? If you paying off people in Sean Ferro's circle then you gotta be loaded!

As for the fiance fiasco of installment 13? I won't even touch that with a 7 feet pole! It's not what you think folks and it's surely not an exciting or believable reveal. The jury is still out on these character and this series on a whole.

As I have said before and will say again, I believe in this series. I loved the story line and given an opportunity, I could get down with the installments every two months, but go somewhere already! We can't keep hopping from day to day or a couple of hours every two months. Fan inspired or not, it's just not fair.

At the end of every installment these is a message to sign a petition for a Ferro movie. Why would I when there is barely enough for a novella? The world is spinning, people are dying and babies are born every day. Everything seems to be moving along in life except for the characters in H.M. Ward's 'The Arrangement' series!

I know I said at the beginning of this review that I will judge this book on the content as oppose to the amount of pages, but in all fairness, I don't think these "novellas" should be selling at $2.99 a pop! For the length and development between installments, $.99 could suffice. I'm just saying o.O

Just when I think we are making head way, we are thrown back into last week without a paddle. I know there is suppose to be an air of mystery to this story, but give us something, even a hair follicle!

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