Monday, 30 June 2014

Behind His Eyes - Consequences By Aleatha Romig

Even though she has technically only written this one series, I am a  fan of Alethea Romig's work. I even liked 'Consequences' when I stumbled upon it last year but I just couldn't get behind this story. I was disinterested and wanted to give up at the end of every two chapters. I only found myself wanting to look back at 'Consequences' for one scene only, so I could match their reactions. Maybe it's the layout of the story or the fact that there is little to no conversation and a day in the life of Anthony Rawlings is just flat out boring. If he isn't beating Claire to a pulp then he's not as interesting as a character or a man.

This novel was suppose to fill in those blind spots and get you into the mind of the man that is all about sacrifices, public presentation and paying for your actions. What it did for me was make me wonder how I could have rallied behind Claire, Tony or their story. She eventually became an idiot to me and he's just a calculating murder/rapist. My reaction to Catherine remains on the fence and I now wonder when did she decide to become the wicked witch of Iowa.

This installment was the equivalent of an average size novel and even though we might have needed this standard amount of pages to review the important points in 'Consequences', I think it was too much and that saw us in boring business meetings that I believe became a bridge to transition into scenes, which found me struggling to get through all Tony's inner ramblings and business deals.

The chosen scenes from 'Consequences' were important and some I wish we didn't get clarification because in the end, I came away with the one simple conclusion that Anthony Rawlings is a calculated demon who should be castrated and tortured. Harsh? Yes. But for a man that craves trust he is the last person on earth i'd give it to. His brain washed agenda can't even cover for his deception and predilections. I am now actually surprised this wasn't BDSM.

I can still argue the different scenes in this story, so at least it was still good, clean and properly edited content; I also like the time line at the end even though I believe the more interesting time lines are in 'Truth'.

It makes no sense to dig into the actual story and review because I said it all in my original review of 'Consequences'. I have nothing to add about the details of the content or the progression because they are all the same just from a different perspective.

Overall, I was bored, disinterested most of the time and praying for the end. I had to force myself to focus because Tony's POV is not the most interesting or endearing. I don't know what went wrong but I just wasn't feeling this novel. Will I read the next novel in the 'Behind His Eyes' series? Probably. Just don't count on it being any time soon. I need a breather after this one.

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