Saturday, 21 December 2013

Beautiful Beginning By Christina Lauren

This was a wedding, done Chloe and Bennett style! It gave us history, present and future. It was Chloe and Bennett, as we know and love/hate them, with the inclusion of Will, Hanna, Max, Sara and even George. There was fun, laughter, banter and some angry sex all over the place! It was the 'Beautiful' series, in eight chapters, in one week, where it all began.

I adore the flashbacks, in both photos and memories. I forgot some of those monumental, sentimental moments, so it was good to be reminded. After all, it's been a couple books in between o.O
To also see them through other's eyes, as well as, to get a review on some of their struggles and private moments were also incredible. It's like a different take on deleted scenes. I especially liked seeing them relaxing through her father's eyes. After all, the cowgirl, is not the way to remember them by :)

Will and Hanna even got their own moment. Still, I would love to get a continuation on their story. Especially a wedding special. We did invest some time in 'Beautiful Player' and 'Beautiful Stranger', which I believe are both better books than 'Beautiful Bastard'. Let's see what the future holds for us fans.

Chloe had her nervous breakdown(s) and each one was true to her character. I did get annoyed with some of her rants, but then it's not the 'Beautiful' series, if herself or Bennett is not annoying us at some point. We also got to see and feel the wedding through both of their POVs. I appreciate the diversity as it aided the story. So much would be missing without both views.

A little more Max and Sara is all I would have wanted, but I surely enjoyed what I got. Surprisingly, I am wanting more from this series, that I initially wasn't a fan of. Go figures o.O

It's a short, spicy, sweet, rambunctious take on Chloe and Bennett's wedding weekend. We don't even get to the honeymoon per say. It's great for a fan of the series, or for some one who just wants to see it all come full circle. There isn't much surprises, but it's bound to make you nostalgic and fill you with laughter.

To top it all of, there is a preview of their upcoming series. I am not 100% sold, but I am hopeful. It's cute and nice, but I need more before I get too excited. These two can sway any way. So far though, I am wanting to read.

It's sad to see this series go, but this was a great ending for Chloe and Bennett. Unplanned pregnancies and spur of the moment weddings, would not be them at all. I couldn't have asked for a more original ending to it all. This series will be missed :)

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