Thursday, 26 December 2013

Mine By Katy Evans

Let me just start by saying that Katy Evans won't ever be able to top or recreate what we got in 'Real'. It was new, primal, raw, controversial and filled with passion, love and a disease that we know but don't really know. It gripped and held me and I won't ever forget what I felt reading that book.

'Mine' is a continuation, but it doesn't even 1/2 the passion and intensity of 'Real'. I say this, because readers normally expect an author to top or bring the same intensity throughout a series, and sometimes it falls short. Expect that fall. That doesn't mean though that it wasn't good. It definitely was!

We still got that explosive, impulsive Brooke, possessive Remy, the antics of Riley and Pete and Nora still needing saving. o.O  We even get that deep depressive manic scenes that makes us all fall more in love with Remy. It has it all, but at a more subdued level.

This story felt like the promise at the beginning of this book. It's for those of us who want more and also want to see if Remy can regain his rightful title this time around. It also shows life after 'The End'. I love how we continue to see Remy's struggle and Brooke's insecurities. It's not all a fairy tale and we defy plenty odds on our way to their HEA.

The 'REAL'ness however, never failed. We got it raw and truthful. The athleticism and lifestyle aspects were also kept intact. We even got to see Kyle and Pandora again. It was quite the compilation of past, present and future.

There were plenty edge of my seat moments and a lot of hanging on by a thread, as we go through the motions with Remy and Brooke, as a couple and individuals. But, I would have loved to see some more of that passion and conflict that we got from 'Real'. Apart from the present, Scorpion was too silent. Sending his minions, was also not like him at all!

As always though, Remy's body was hot and ready for the taking! That opening description was just hot beyond words! With a body like Remy's, you can expect a lot of bedroom action, but I think this one had too much! I know he gets speedy and who wouldn't wanna bang that non stop?! However, sometimes it can be too much. It's like the sex was compensating for the lack of content in those areas. I find that I love them doing every other activity other than sex, after a while. It just got to be too much!

With the flu and falling asleep countless times, I still finished this book in one sitting. Regardless of it's faults, it still remains a captivating and well written series. The attention to detail is marvelous! From the numerous sex scenes to the detailed fights. I felt and loved every minute of this book. It is like giving us the ending we didn't get before. As I said before, it's for those of us who just wanted a little bit more ;)

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