Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Lover Mine By J.R. Ward

You see, it took me a while to finish this story. Four days actually, and it's not because it was boring. It was rather interesting, especially when it began. The series of events were ... let's say unstable and interesting. There were many turns, curves, side stories, history, future, connections.

I always liked Xhex the assassin, but I have to say, she held many soft moments in this one. I say soft, because it's Xhex. She never gets weak, even when she is being beaten to within an inch of her life. That's the kind of female and spark she adds. Even at her most vulnerable, she delivers. I already loved her in 'Lover Avenged' but she settled a little more in this installment for me.

Though I will say, I still think her best performance yet, was in 'Lover Avenged'. We got so much more from her there also. I understand needing her to have some qualities of a shellan, but I prefer her as Xhex from ZeroSum. Roots are important, and we are losing too many.

It saddens me to say, that within this novel, I did not find John Matthew as interesting as I had before :(
I still love him, but I preferred other's accounts, as oppose to his own. Not that I mind entirely, but he just came off more interesting from everyone else's POV, even from his past as he reminisced. I am a firm lover in pretrans John. He was way more interesting!

Qhuinn was also too muted for my liking, but I love that we got to see Blay in a different state of mind. I actually want a little more of Blay as the gay playa! :D Sax is awesome and so is Qhuinn. However, I see Qhuinn settling with a nice female. Not necessarily from the glymera, but c'mon ... it's Qhuinn!!! I also thought his private guard gig was way off this time. Where was he half the time? John gets hit with an energy ball, that knocks him on his behind, where is the guard that should have been in front of him? o.O
I am also still waiting to get more Lassiter time. I guess that will come with Tohr.

Murdher was just a slice, but I do want a bite :) A short as it was, it was a lovely introduction and I really hope we get more of him in the future. He seems interesting enough to take us on that next level. At times, this book leaves me so anxious, I am about to wet myself!!

Newcomers continued with Payne from 'Lover Avenged', which I still believe is the next best book since Z and Bella, Wrath and Beth. Layla is annoying me to bits, but I assume she had a purpose. For now then, I will allow it -_-

Lash, Lash, Lash ... I really hope this is not the last we seem of him. I love that guy! I also truly believe that if he wasn't constantly gunning for revenge, he could make a great villain in the book, that deals in the drug trade. He elevated the Lessening Society. Not a good thing for many, but I believe that if you wanna be the best, you should fight the best. With that being said, the old Lessers of Mr. X and O days are no more. This is modern day Lessening Society and I love it!

I can feel the change and turns with every new book. Anything is possible and nothing remains dead or set in stone. It's always something with these brothers. I do miss the blow by blow of the original set, but I am also looking forward to the changes and the alliances. Even the upheavals.  The vampire structure and society is changing, and all I wanna know is .... where the hell is the Scribe Virgin? o.O


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