Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Ember X By Jessica Sorensen

This could have easily been one of those paranormal that go on the mind fuck list. Unfortunately, it fell short. It took too long to build momentum and give us answers. To keep us in suspense, cost us the necessary excitement or thrill, that a paranormal brings. After a while, you just get tired of the hide and seek. You keep guessing and doubting yourself.

I like both Cameron and Asher. I haven't picked a side, because it's not so black and white. At the end of the day, Cameron was just being himself, while Asher was breaking rules all over the place! And not in a good way. Regardless of the literal 95% wait, we only get a few answers. So much is still unknown. Without interruptions, this can be a quick easy read. Due to the lagging of the story line and plain confusion, it took me five days. o.O

Ember is an interesting character. Her situations, family and back story is a mixture of romance novel and paranormal in one. I like her and her family. Like most stories, this one had it's strong and weak moments. The weak moments unfortunately overshadowed the potential. Story line is great. It's different, continuous and a stray from the usual. In the beginning, it is kind of scary, but eventually, it evens out into just plain confusing, then it ends with a bang big enough for you to want to read the next. If only out of curiosity.

Still, I am uncertain regarding a lot of this story. While it's fodder for expansion, it's also proof of this story not giving us much. In retrospect, not much has transpired, but more is known. I am constantly unsure of everyone in this novel. The only people I trust, are Asher, Cameron and Ember. While I don't despise Asher, I secretly like Cameron more :)

Raven was interesting and confusing. Her character has no definition. As I said before, not much is shared. I do wish though, that Ian got more time in this novel. Everyone gets their time to annoy and shine in this one. The mindset you have in the beginning and middle will be different from the end. Unless you really are unable to move past the confusion of the beginning, then I say stick with it, because it does get better and worse at the same time.

As is with most novels, there are a few discrepancies, like her doing a full mythical search online, and Ember's bathing habits.  -_- Girl needs to use that bathroom! Death or not.

I am still too confused to be conclusive about this novel. As is with most Jessica Sorensen novels, it does has potential overload. All I can say is, it will lag, you will be confused, annoyed and decide on giving up. Powering through to the end, won't guarantee you liking the novel, but it at least gives you some answers and the platform to make your own decision.

There is so much here, it could even be a TV series. Take a look and decide for yourself :)

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