Saturday, 28 December 2013

Falling By E.K. Blair

I just keep on falling in love with this woman! Now this is a re-cap/continuation! I never get bored when reading an E.K. Blair novel, and I have only ever read two before now. No matter how long or short, I always want more. Even when there is no more to get.

It's actually a little bittersweet at the moment, because that ending means literal "The End", but I want updates on so many other characters. Each character in this novel, breathe their own life and personality into their scenes. There is no such thing as a minor character, because they all have big bursting personalities! Except maybe Kimber. I didn't really connect with her. I was also really holding out on that Mark novella of sorts ... oh well!

E.K. has re-written 'Fading', with parts of 'Freeing' and present it as 'Falling'. How do you know the difference? You don't! And that's the awesome part of it all!! :)

Maybe it's the time frame, but I never felt like I was reading the previous books. Also, to get the continuation of 'Fading' from Ryan's POV, with a touch of Candace when it mattered most, was even more icing on this wonderful cake!

I always loved Ryan, and I often times wondered what his struggles were like. To get that and more was superb within itself. I think this book broke down both characters in a light I have never seen them before. Actually, it broke down all the characters. This time, Kimber included.

It was detailed as always, thorough, and had me recognizing some things I never saw before. It made me love and dislike (cause I never hate any of them) both main characters occasionally. It was like re-reading your favorite book, to find little nuggets you never saw before, or to re-visit old moments you loved. Only this time, from a different side. Like, I had no clue Candace cried so much before. I probably should have counted it. She was bawling like crazy! I'm surprised she wasn't dehydrated o.O

I was re-introduced to some pertinent characters in Ryan life, and as such, I gained some more fave characters. Mel, Zane and Gavin are characters I would love to revisit some time. The time gap by the end of this novel might not leave me with main character questions, but there are some minor ones that I really would like to get some clarity on. Like Mel getting back at Zane or Gavin with an unwanted pregnancy :)

There is a nice little twist at the end of this novel, and for those who wanted more, in terms of explanation and content, then this book is for you! I wouldn't call it a stand alone, but it comes very close. I loved every minute and cherish the moments I got to revisit, as well as, those new memories we made. Even the smallest scenes were a big deal. I felt connected to these characters throughout. It's hard to believe, but I still want more :(

It also doesn't hurt than the cover is just as hot as the previous ones, and the mind of Ryan Campbell is almost as good as Jase's ;)

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