Saturday, 14 December 2013

The Black Dagger Brotherhood: An Insider's Guide (Black Dagger Brotherhood Compendium) By J.R. Ward

Well this was just crazy, sexy, cool ... like the TLC album :) *rather corny joke, but I digress*

This was my first insider guide and I love every minute of it! I don't know if this is the usual with an insider guide, or if it's just the precise, meticulous nature of J.R., but I loved every minute of it and hope that she does another after 'The King' novel is released.

This book had everything, it's literally a slice of pie for every one. I even think publishers could learn a thing or two. I would also urge authors, whether they write paranormal romance or not, to read the section of this book dedicated to writers. Even if you are a run of the mill blogger, you are guaranteed to learn something.

There were deleted scenes, recaps and interviews with most of the brothers. I did leave with some questions, but I also got some clarity. I don't know what J.R. Ward told a lie about, but I do know that her rocky relationship with V translated to 'Lover Unbound' and I would really love to know what their beef is.

I was never that connected with Wellesandra as a character, but it was nice to get some moments with her and her pseudo family of John and Tohr. Even Lassiter got his time in the sun. I have always loved that angel. That also brought some questions as to the figure in the cabin, and urges me even more, to read the 'Fallen Angels' series.

This is a very intimate moment with all the characters and the author. Even the fans. There is something for everyone and even more than I bargained for. The only thing I would love now is some Blay, Qhuinn, John and Xhex time. Honestly, I wouldn't even mind a mini Lash interview. I am so wrapped up with these characters that I don't even know what to read next, that can compare, without dimming to this series :(

There is a boatload of information. There is literally something for everyone and each section keeps you wanting more. It's all fresh material and in-depth analysis with the best person, Ms. Ward herself. If you are a true fan of the BDB series, then you need to get this insider guide. You even get a view of the old language. I'm wanting to practice writing it. Maybe even get a tat in the language ;)

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