Friday, 13 December 2013

Lover At Last By J.R. Ward

Yes! Finally! We are getting somewhere. Even though Qhuinn and Blay, who I love so much, didn't really get the spotlight in this novel, they finally go their day in the sun, and I love it!! This novel had all the elements I been begging for since Phury's book.

It had more fighting elements, new relationships, both business, personal, in and out of the Brotherhood, as well as, some rocking sex scenes!! Blay and Qhuinn definitely knows how to get it on. Honestly, I could read them having sex all damn day!

I got a little shy, when the public sentimental moments came about, but that is a testament to how connected I am to these characters. I just love these guys! Despite their few moments, I am glad for them. It didn't seemed forced. We got just the right amount of their story, and everyone else.

We also got some Beth time, and I sure miss the original female of this series. She seems so regal and untouchable now, that I just want to connect with the Beth who lived alone with Boo. Even Bella had her moment. Once again, Zsadist almost died in the field, and that brought about and epic moment. It was serious, sentimental and funny in one.

The culture and traditions were back in full force. I do however, still miss the Scribe Virgin. I really wish they would all just kiss and make-up :(

Assail and Sola is another couple to watch! God, I love the females of this series! They are all fierce as ever! The addition of Sola is great, and I can't wait to see that outcome outside of the Brotherhood. Trez is also just as interesting as I suspected and iAm is a promising one. I assumed we would get some more John and Xhex time, but I'm good either way. I kind of just want to see all the fighting females out in the field I guess o.O

It was good to see another side of Xcor and to learn more about Layla, as well as, to meet another Chosen. It's been Layla and Cormia for so long, that I almost forgot about Serena. This series could go on and on and I'd never get bored. At this point, I am just waiting for Nalla and Layla's young to grow up and find their own hellren.

It was good to go to another initiation ceremony, and see it from another's POV. After all, after Zsadist, Qhuinn is my next favorite male character. I also got to see Blay in a different POV. He was more feminine in this novel, but I do love him more. Especially, as I got to see how he transitioned and dealt with his relationships with Qhuinn, Saxton and his parents.

Speaking of, I do hope for the best, where Saxton is concerned, and I can't wait to see how his expertise will help with the upcoming novel. Being in the mind of Wrath is always awesome, and the little surprise in the cottage was good also. There is turns, curves, surprises and fresh material. What more can you ask for? :)

P.S. ... Love the cover! It's epic. That guy is ... in Lassiter's words .... amazeballs!! :D

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