Saturday, 28 December 2013

Last Gift By Jessica Clare & Jen Frederick

Short, sweet and almost festive!

Once again, I could read Nikolai's POV all day!! I found his parts of the novella funnier than Daisy's and it's good to see them trying to transitioning, as well as, starting new traditions.

An update on Daisy's father was also appreciated. However, a Christmas phone call from Daniel would have sealed the deal!

Anyways, it was a nice novella. It actually ended a little too quickly for me. I literally had to back track to see if it was done. I would have at least liked to see Daisy's reaction to her Christmas present, as well as, more convos with Spidey/ The Interrupter. Overall, I just wanna spend some more time in class with Nick.

It's so much packed into so little pages! That short Christmas story is better than most full length novels. It remains true to what we got and fell in love with in 'Last Hit' and we also get to see them now as they transition into a domesticated lifestyle.

It's really short, merry, funny and ends too soon ;)

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