Saturday, 7 December 2013

Lover Unleashed By J.R. Ward

So much and not much. There were plenty POVs and relationships to this installment. I just felt as if they weren't given much intensity or anxiety. As soon as we got a taste of those emotions, they were taken away. Truthfully, I wanted to see more fights with and in Payne. Her miraculous sexual therapy is not what I had in mind. -_-  I wanted action and intensity, from both her and Manuel, as individuals and as a couple.

I like Payne's character and how she remained true to herself, as well as, the power she exudes. She is quite the female. From her first appearance, to her very own book. However, we got more of Payne the Chosen, than we did of Payne the Bloodletter's daughter. I wanted her to also form a kind of kinship with Xhex. They are such a perfect balance, as such, I feel that more interaction and fighting would be great.

The back and forth between Manuel and V was great. I have always loved V and Butch. I've secretly hoped for some personal, private one on one time with them. We got that alone time, but it's less than I expected. It was great though, to be in V's hemisphere again, and to get another feel of his relationship with Jane. I had no idea they were reserved as a couple in public, especially within the walls of the Brotherhood. Hell, I even thought they were properly mated! o.O

The new additions were great! I would however, have loved to know more about the "Band of Bastards". I can only name three, because they were mentioned frequently, and their purpose and causes given. I guess we will get more intimate with them in coming books. I am especially interested in Zypher and Xcor.

Xcor, because he is the leader, and might be a replacement for Lash, that we haven't had since his killing. Zypher, because he reminds me of Z. Alphabet aside, there is something about him in those few lines, that draws me to him. We will see how that goes!

I wish Qhuinn and Blay would get their story already, even though I really like Sax. There is something about the guy I adore. The friendship between Layla and Qhuinn is also great and I can't wait to see where that goes. You barely find a guy in this book with a female best friend and Layla could make a really good one for Qhuinn.

Jose time was good and interesting as always and the introduction of Veck is awesome! I see him getting more involved with supernatural elements. Only time will tell. I am told he is in another series, so I am weighing my mind about that one. It all depends on the bond I build with him from this series.

I am however, very tired of Mr. Bluff. This half-breed sperm bank is really populating the place and I would love to meet him. If not, then find more creative ways to link the species. The very far away descendants of Wrath's bloodline is getting quite played.

The sex scenes were great though, especially the one with the prostitute. It was oh so real and fulfilling :)

I am not sure what next will happen in this series, but I do know that there are many possibilities and avenues. I just hope for a lot more fighting, with the inclusion of Xhex and Payne. I would also love some more interaction with the other brothers. It's like the original cast has fallen silent ... again. Z never talks much, neither did John, but I miss those two boys and a little Phury/Cormia update would be nice. Let's have a BBQ or something!

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