Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Last Hit By Jessica Clare & Jen Frederick

I like Nickolai and I don't mind Daisy. This story has its strengths and weaknesses. There is an abundance of potential and great bases, but the execution fell flat in comparison to the avenues open to this story. I am glad though that we got both POVs, but Nick's alone would be fine for me. I get the significance of Daisy's side, as she has a complete back story, that is necessary, but I just didn't feel for her what I did for Nick in this story.

There is no cut and clear with this story. It balances on the scale of being a failure, and being just right. It was too light and too easy. I get the romance aspect, but it also needed that gritty darkness to capture it's true essence. There are elements of rape and other crimes, but it was still too light and airy for me.

I enjoyed the assassin side of this story the most. The networks, beliefs, patterns, players. It was all rather fascinating and I wish the focus could stay there. Nick's personality, jokes, sarcasm, wit, even his trust issues revive this story beyond measure. What I love the most about him, is his struggle. He struggles with the language and literacy barrier, trust, worth and a truck load of other emotions. His character is the most genuine and I connect with him over everyone else. He truly puts and leave a stamp on you.

I believe his every move and words. His back story, while familiar, I found comfort in. For him, it was believable. If anything, I can say this story is a realistic piece based on Nick's struggles and decisions. Both Nick and his associates take us to another level.

To read about Nick, Vasily, Daniel, Yury and even Alexsandr would be great! Not that I hate Daisy, or the romantic side of it all, but I was just more interested in the Bratva and Nick, than I was with Daisy and her problems. 'Father Miller' was also rather animated in the end.

The climax, or at least what I believe to be the climax, was weak. It wasn't bad, it was just weak. I think this is the problem with this novel. It is not a bad novel, but it just doesn't carry the conviction of it's topics. Once again, if not for Nick and the guys, I wouldn't have been as interested.

It's safe to say, the guys of this novel, even the minor unnamed characters, took the cake! The ladies were bland and not as interesting. While I love Daniel, I did not invest that much time into Regan as a character. Still, I love Daniel enough to give the next book a go. Maybe it won't be as light and fluffy, with what she has been through in the last book.

Not as hardcore as I expected, but a decent read nonetheless. It can also be read in one sitting. It is fast paced, light and airy with a whole lot of issues. It doesn't linger, but it is memorable. There is love, laughter, crime and a whole lot of Nick's sexy Ukranian body, mind and talk :)


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