Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Worth the Fight By L.D. Davis

I liked it. I'm glad that Ms. Davis wrote a letter to the readers in the back of this novel. I am even more excited, that it was right in line, with my thoughts and beliefs. This story was a great companion or addition to the 'Accidentally on Purpose' series. If that wasn't enough, we even got a sneak peek on the next character up for bat, and boy does it look as scandalous and steamy as the first novel in this series!!! :D

Initially, I thought this was a money making venture and Luke did not need to get his feelings expressed, because we got it all from Kyle and Emmy. But how selfish am I? And how great was he?! :)

There is nothing dynamic or astonishing about this installment really. It is literally Luke's POV from the end of 'Accidentally on Purpose' to the end and beyond of 'Worthy of Redemption'. However, it was a beautiful recollection, that was just as drama filled, witty and spicy as the other books before. Plus side though, it was nothing like a recollection. You are aware, because you are overlapping scenes, so I find myself wanting to revisit a particular one, or excitedly waiting on it's arrival.  At the end of the day though, it felt like a completely different tale.

Luke took it hard. It actually justified SOME of his actions at the end of 'Accidentally on Purpose'. I felt like we got an intimate moment, with Luke and Emmy, that we never got before. There was also the bonus of getting both Kyle and Lily scenes. It's all a mess, but the perfect conclusion to this triangle.

We were introduced to some new and not so new characters. Also, we got to fill in the chunk of time between books 1 and 2. One minute Luke hates Emmy, the next, they are a lovely family in a lovely home. Clarification and their struggles were welcomed. They aren't perfect, and I so love that about them. The characters of this book are real! They make every day human mistakes, develop the same problems and handle them in similar ways. Even though we can't all buy buildings, we protect and fight for what's ours! #TeamEmmy!

You go through the stages. It's never the same. We are always moving and there is always a different setting and vibe. You are never sure what to expect, even when you have browsed this story before. One of the reasons, this novel wouldn't get 5 stars from me, is because it is technically a lengthy novella! We have done this dance before, even if we do it backwards.

This book lined us up for so much more from these group of characters in Philly, Chicago and Louisiana. There are new, old and secret connections. I am satisfied and left excited, pumped and ready for the new series. The only thing I could ask for now is a name, and I am sure if I scour the net, I will find one! ;)

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