Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Lover Reborn By J.R. Ward

Once again, there are moments and characters. It's not as hardcore, in your face, as the initial books were. There is so much messing around with the Fade o.O I also keep waiting for a Scribe Virgin appearance ... and nada! What happened to the female? Even the Omega is M.I.A. It would also be nice to meet this new forelesser that we only know by Lash's nickname.

I never saw this series as a romance, until these last few novels. It began about the fights, big and small, and the learning of the vampire traditions, language and culture. Even though we got some of that, especially with the detailed Fade ceremony, this series is really turning into a romance of sorts :(

I completely understand that there are many a characters in this series, especially after 11 books, but don't they speak or interact? o.O It's like being in a room full of strangers. They only surface whenever they find convenient, and it's usually not with much.

While I understand Tohr's issues, I still don't approve of his methods. Autumn or No'One, whatever she calls herself these days, needs to grow a damn backbone! I actually hated Tohr in this novel. I always thought it was cruel to take away Wellsie, then it became even more unfair, with all the people coming and going. So what was the point of this story line? To show that they have no real control of their destiny? -_-

I hadn't seen Marissa in a while, so it was good to catch up with her. I wanted more, but I will satisfy. It also would be nice to meet the unnamed brothers of the B.O.B, or at the very least, have more interaction with them.

We got a quick look at Murdha, and then he just faded away like the ghost he pretends to be. Then we get Assail. A very intricate male, but we are doing nothing with him either. We are revisiting old relationships and stirring up mess! I like Xhex and John, but their time has passed. The point I am trying to make is, there is plenty new material and characters. Use them! Stop using the old as place savers.

It's not that I hate this novel, but the series is loosing my attention. It is just right, with keeping you interested, but it has also lost that edge that made me want to read it in one sitting. It used to toe that line between romance, crime/drama and paranormal. I have gotten so use to the paranormal aspect, that it's natural. However, we are losing the crime/drama. It is heavily romanticized.

I wanna see the Ops and skills. Training, shaping, transforming. I don't wanna follow Thor as he weeps for Wellsie and be a douche to Autumn. I also expected a lot more from Lassiter. I could seriously just read the guys book alone.  I love the angel. I do however, feel like he wasn't nearly as snarky and present as I expected. When I am done, I am going to search if he has his own novel.

Irrespective of the heavy romance in it all, there were some great, solid BDB moments that we love. Qhuinn and Layla updates were also really good. While I am glad for the shake up with Qhuinn and Blay, I kind of like him and Layla together. They are so right for each other! Sax and Blay work for me. The relationship dynamics of this series is shot if you ask me! Your wasting away characters, while we spend time digging up old wounds.

At this point, I am unsure as to where this novel will go, or is going. Still, I won't relent. I am already 10 books in, so I shall power through to the next. I do hope though, that we get some fresh material, and on edge moments. I really miss the coordinated lesser battles. Modern is good, but a little old school vamp fight is what I need right now.

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