Friday, 18 April 2014

Buying Thyme By T.J. Hamilton

So this is a first, normally when I am finish reading a book, I check on other reviews in the rating category I feel best describe said book. I can normally find at least one review that mirrors my own. I am out of luck this time, as none seem to capture what I am feeling. Either they are too good or too bad. I feel like this book fell in the middle and threaded both lines occasionally.

It's not what I expected and I didn't build a connection with any of the characters. I found myself wanting to see Joe and Toni again, but being disappointed with Tom this and Tom that. Maybe I did make a connection in Joe, but he is lined up will a bulls eye so we spent more time with his competition.

I am completely unaware as to the background of all the characters. I am only even sure that two (2) people used their real name throughout the novel. It was to the end when we got some insight into Miranda and by then I was over her character. I even so much as cheated and read the synopsis of the other two novels in the series, before finishing this one and I still have no sense of direction with regards to the story and it's characters. Where is this all going? It's one conspiracy theory after the next.

I am assuming Joe Tench is suppose to be the bad guy, but other than a very wrong ballet session, he seems like an ok guy to me. Yes, his decisions in the end were dramatic to say the least, but c'mon Miranda! You would have thrown a fit if you caught your man cheating on you!

Miranda plays the role of a "high class escort" well. She is committed to her craft and possess quite the system. It's not a hobby, it's her job and she attacks it with vigor, pride (as much as is possible) and dedication. Honestly, she enjoys this, because she hardly never climax. She is just as attached to these clients as they are, but she keeps in mind what time her pumpkin will arrive. I'm unaware of her background and I'm not really interested either.

Emphasis was placed on explaining every single detail and by the end, I had nothing of value that's memorable, as I see the beginnings of a whole new story line about to be come to life. The coincidences at the end were not ironed out either and had me questioning the rushed ending that did nothing for me. The only person I am interested in from this novel is Joe and he seems to be gearing up for a very bad ending.

The story is set in Australia and I realize I have been venturing in that pond as of late. I love Australian stories, because it brings a totally different lifestyle and culture. The excessive details became an advantage in capturing Australia from a real Aussie's perspective. If she lied or messed up a detail, I am unaware because I believed her in everything Aussie related.

The story line became increasingly confusing as we progressed and I didn't see half the danger or feel a smidgen of the emotion that Miranda felt, as she narrate. I don't mind reading the next novel in this series, but I will take a break in between for fear that I might not like the next one. A clear unbiased opinion is best and I currently need a break from Miranda and Tom. I can already see this series gearing up to become a Nikita without the Agency. Miranda is a prostitute and a very good one at that. Training her to become a spy? ... I just can't see it!

What I found interesting, was that so much time was placed on elaborating every little make up trick and accessory, but the ending was rushed with gaping holes. How does she run away and drop off the radar of such a high ranking Government agency, that a crime boss himself had to leave the country, to stem off some of the heat? Especially the fact that she is 8 hours away lying on a beach o.O

When did her brother call this Nick guy and was he waiting on the call? Cause he got there awfully fast! I was neither impressed or captivated with this story. The story line got crazy and everything turned into conspiracy theories.

If not for a total of maybe 5 scenes, I would surely not think of Mr. Trench as a crime boss. Maybe he is; that's fine, but I need to believe it and I don't. The only thing I can state without a doubt from this novel, is that Miranda makes a really good call girl.

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