Sunday, 20 April 2014

Mid Life Love By Whitney Gracia Williams

Whitney Williams is the queen of "life after the life altering break ups". Her characters believe in stability and their relationships and sacrifices are no joke. She tackles every day issues with her own twist and this one was no different. There were layers and stages without stating the obvious. Even though this wasn't as constant as her previous novellas, on account of this being a full length novel, they were many spurts and I love that every one had to work for what they got. It was a struggle from beginning to end and I had to cover my face a few times at the end, because I was mortified for Claire!

Due to a statement in Whitney's acknowledgement, I don't know what Johnathan's character was like before, but he was perfect in this interpretation. He was determined, witty, sarcastic and quite the romantic. He didn't mince is words, regardless of the individual and he set the bar so high I can't see anyone crossing it.

Women's fiction sometimes bring the hot and heavy issues, that not most young readers can relate. It's of a different nature and the cat and mouse is mostly out the window, after all, they are grown! This novel though had just the right balance between NA romance and Women's fiction.

Claire doesn't look or act her age. There are moments where her maturity shine, especially in work related and parental atmospheres, but other times, she's just a woman dating a man with the insecurities of most. Then again, there is no manual on the behavior of a 40 year old divorcee. She is also determined, motivated, witty, sarcastic and romantic. They complemented each other well as a couple and still held their separate personalities as individuals.

The story line is done in stages and span a quality amount of time. There is major conflict but with a lighter note, banter and every day relationship issues. I didn't expect the person behind the roadblocks and insecurities in Claire's life, but being a female myself, I can understand your motivations and dilemmas at that age. You don't have to be 40 to have Claire's problems, but add to that dating a younger guy and there were enough every day qualities to relate. Claire's personality and approach to issues varied from a 40 year old, divorcee with two kids, to a fresh out of college girl looking for fun. She was dynamic and didn't fit any mold I give.

We fluttered between past and present frequently and they were incorporated beautifully, other than an identifiable mark needed to show a break of scenes and a constant way to instantly let us that we were being brought to the past, this novel was edited and presented well.

I will say that there were some major unrealistic topics, like the Golden Gate bridge scene and the emphasis on his company's position in his chosen profession. The tech issues came off as far fetched and I wished that she had decided to take his importance from another POV. There is nothing wrong with the industry, but it's a small, well known one and the fact that the world knows the major players, it was kind of hard to not see this book as cheesy when it name dropped and gave a product more hype than it could possibly currently garner.

The sex scenes weren't explosive, but they were passionate and believeable. Even with the corny one liners, he came off genuine and I loved the conversations. I believe Whitney G has a knack for giving some really good, filling conversations as oppose to space holders for the point of having a chat going.

Whitney G is also the queen of second chance romance and I love what she can do with two strangers in a matter of days. She writes about sarcastic, strong willed characters who aren't afraid to get what they want. They are confident to the point of cocky and each one is memorable by their skills and personalities. I can even tell the twins apart!

The characters will entertain from beginning to end and this novel balances a line with readers that few novels of this genre is able to maintain.

I never heard of this author before last week, but I am glad I did. She writes nothing but borderline flawless pieces about every day relationship problems and personal insecurities. Join this journey as she tries to contain the ego of a young billionaire and the esteem of an established but self conscious divorcee. It makes you believe, even when you don't wanna.

*** For access to an unpublished Epilogue***

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