Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Obsessed - Part Three By Deborah Bladon

Would you look at that?! I swear I keep getting the wrong copies that are missing pages. I refuse to believe, the structure and main characters in this novel, isn't an accident. Ivy is annoying and feels sorry for herself way to much! When she isn't feeling sorry for herself, she's bitter and trudging her way through a tug-o-war with her ex-fiance and the new "love" of her life. He claims he "loves" her too, but I think he loves his company more. Mark is such a rascal but I love him nonetheless. At times, he reminds me of Nolen Adams from 'Black Butterfly' by Sienna Mynx

It's the same old games and drama from books 1 and 2, then a beautifully worded letter, followed by the acknowledgement o.O
Now do you see my problem? I can't understand how this can be called the conclusion to the series, when only Ivy has gotten her answers. Then again, even she should need some loose ends tightened.

Other than Mark and his mischievous self, the remaining characters of this novel were completely ignored, even when they were needed to confirm and tie a bow on this bad boy! There are too many holes and what ifs, which brought to light for me, that Book 3 didn't really progress. It answered a few questions, brought up a hell of a lot more and then ended. Hence, the reason I don't believe that this is over, as their are too many loose ends and a big "what the hell happened?!" at the end.

On the bright side, I felt twinges of connection with Jax this go. I am no where near loving him status, but he shows potential. I would have loved to be included in the build up that led to his complete 360 on the literal last page of the novel, maybe even that one scene could have made a difference.

Let's not even talk about what was really in that video on the flash drive. It could have been more creative. In trying to find Jax, I ended up losing Ivy's character. I give up on trying to understand and navigate this novel and remain on her side. She fluctuates between the Ivy from the first chapters of book 1, to the naive, lonely, desperate Ivy of books 2 and 3. I just wanted the bag of wit that had me engaged when I began reading this series.

All the above and more was bearable because this is a short novel. With time, you can read this novel in a hour and a half tops. I don't mind novella material but being that it is suppose to be the "last" book in the series, we could have gotten some more pages because we really did need it.

I am starting to wonder if it is the length of these novels that diminish the attributes of Jax that compels Ivy. My dislike for him lessened by 5% with this installment but I still am unable to connect with him and vote for him in the land of book boyfriends.

The sex was fast and to the point, so thank God for that and Jax being a douche. Mark is a little criminal with a whole lot of mouthy. I expected more and not just as a reader, but as an observer. A ton of questions were left unanswered. Like where is Mark now and why the sudden change in Jax?

It doesn't feel like an end to me and the eye rolling was back with a vengeance in the beginning chapters. I am unable to completely write off this series, because I believe that it is filled with potential but in need of more pages and for the characters to share the small moments that are more important than they think. 200 more pages and we could have had a star!


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