Sunday, 27 April 2014

Forever You By Sandi Lynn

I expected this novel to be all about Connor and his journey to Ellery with a mixture of events from 'Forever Black' that we we were and weren't privy to. What we got was Connor's summary of "Forever Black', the standard chapter from Ellery's POV, that was not mentioned in 'Forever Black' and  few new scenes. We still haven't gotten done to the babies part and a lot of other details that I expected Connor to fill were once again skimmed, leaving me to ask why bother write them a second time? I am guessing that these missing scenes will be shared in 'Forever Us'.

While I know a little more about Connor now, It still wasn't the things needed to make me connect with his character. There is still so much missing and unexplained about the man whose last name dominates this series. It was like reading 'Forever Black', but with Connor's eyes. I love the times that we focused on the things in his life that never had any impact on his relationship with Ellery. Somehow though, he still felt distant.

I get his penchant for living a certain lifestyle, but why doesn't he have any friends? Why is his driver, who is suppose to be old enough to be hid father, the only one who he can call a friend? Him and his maid?

I take cancer more serious that I do any other disease. I even hate writing or talking about it, that's how serious my fear is. I understood the connection from book 1. I felt Ellery' fear but this go, it was missing, even while we recounted the same exact scenes from book 1. Emotions and Connor Black are just not synonymous. I am not saying I didn't understand his fear, because Lord knows not many people understand him, myself included, but those scenes that made me stop and look before, once again felt like summaries.

It's true that saying about walking a mile in someone else's shoes, because Ellery was a different person in this novel. Connor Black obviously has on the darkest pair of rose glasses when it comes to Ellery Lane. She didn't even seem selfish nor did their fights seem as frequent. Maybe it's because I technically read this story before or maybe Ellery started all the fights.

The character of Ashlyn baffles me, especially with how her character was portrayed. I know she is extremly manipulative and that's all that matters. Connor is a pansy that fuels her brand of crazy and quite frankly, the man needs to learn more than how to swipe a card and toss around a few bills. The man even pays a next man to stop dancing with his girl. Where they do that at? o.O

We got the results of Ellery's excruciating immunotherapy treatments and glimpses of the wedding preparation and day itself . I strongly believe that Connor needs a change in therapist and more friends, because he already pays Denny to do and say the things his therapist does. Denny even gives better advice!

Maybe he doesn't notice them, but the fawning women were at a minimum this go, even though the sex was still vanilla with even more elaboration. Oh goody! -_-

I think this novel needed it's own identity and not a summary and play by play of 'Forever Black' with some missing scenes. It was like a director's cut. I wanted to see Connor in his world while he adjusts to add Elle. I didn't need a full recollection of the story I read couple hours ago. Also, what is up with Connor's father? Is he autistic too, because the man has yet to say a word and we are two novels deep!

I am hoping that 'Forever Us' will leave behind the summary of the two previous novels and focus on the future. I am very much interested in reading 'Being Julia' and 'Collin' but we have to pass this bridge first and I would prefer if it wasn't something I read less than an hour ago.

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